Some Very Cool Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole Wallpapers

So it’s a Sunday evening, and as with all Sunday’s, its a “slow news” day, meaning there isn’t that much to write about.

So instead of writing a news article on Cheryl Cole, I’d like to bring some attention to some of the graphics which have been submitted to our Girls Aloud Pictures & Videos section of the forum over the last week. While the Cheryl Cole Forum hasn’t gained widespread usage amongst many of our core daily users yet, we have still accumulated over 350 posts in less than a week, and there is one particular post which is doing pretty well when it comes to topics, and daily views.

A 23 year old girl called Lucy from Romania has been adding a whole load of Girls Aloud and Cheryl Cole Wallpapers and avatars all week, and some of them are exceptionally good, therefore id like to feature some of the best in this post. Id also urge you to follow Lucy on Twitter if you use the service. Check her out at w33dgirl and her forum profile at w33dgirl.

To download these wallpapers to your computer, just right click on them, and ‘save picture as’. Also keep  your eye on Lucy’s thread in the forum for more wallpapers and avatars. Girls Aloud Fan Art.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    My favourite out of all those wallpapers is the last one.

  2. sophie says:

    awwwhhh these are so good :)

  3. Becky<3 says:

    awwww i love them :) i'm gunna have them ALL <3

  4. Hannah Goodall says:

    there soo good the last one is my computer backgroundd :)

  5. chloe says:

    how do u get them

  6. Emma B says:

    Love the last one, but all the ones with Cheryl in are the best.:)
    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

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