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Girls Aloud's Millions

Girls Aloud’s Millions

Girls Aloud Girls Aloud, glamorous, oozing sex appeal and talent, they are Britain’s most successful girl group ever. And thanks to a flair for business, Girls Aloud are now also one of the richest, with a total fortune of nearly £34 million.

Only last week a new money-spinning venture was announced by the girls, their own fake eyelash range. But that is just the latest in a long line of advertising deals and money-making ventures the girls have been apart of.

Since they were created by ITV’s Popstars: The Rivals, the girls have each made an estimated £3million from music sales alone – and a cool £1.8million each from advertising endorsements. And two years ago the group signed a brand advertising deal with Sunsilk worth a reported £800k each. They also netted at least £500k each from their ad campaign for new low-calorie KitKat “Senses” bar.

Earlier this year, the girls also released an autobiography named ‘Dreams That Glitter: Our Story‘ which have earned the girls around £200k each, and they made £300k each for promoting the Nintendo DS games machine.

That’s just the deals which the girls have done as a group. Its the deals which the girls have done individually which have really boosted their fortunes. Here’s how it all adds up…

Cheryl Cole = £10M

Cheryl Cole's Net Worth Cheryl Cole has come a long way from her difficult childhood on a run-down Newcastle estate. Cheryl is the highest earner in Girls Aloud, her biggest break as a solo star was becoming an X Factor judge. For her debut year on the show, she earned a massive £750,000, with another £1.5m deal just been signed for the 2009 version of The X Factor. And Simon Cowell has also promised his help launch her a successful career in the US.

On top of the £4.8m she has earned from Girls Aloud so far, the 25-year-0ld babe has made £1m promoting Coca-Cola Zero, £1m from the sale of her Surrey mansion last year, and another £1m selling the photography rights of her wedding to a glossy mag. Her deals keep flooding in, and those deals are only set to grow if she manages to launch herself in the US.

And if rumours are correct Cheryl could also pocket a £5million book deal to write “chick- lit” novels.

Nadine Coyle = £6.7M

Nadine Coyle's Net Worth Nadine Coyle is the front-girl in the Girls Aloud group, and has been quietly building a lucrative property empire all over the world. With her heart set on a move to the US, the pop-princess has invested in a number of Irish pubs, and at least one Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles.

This year she has also entered the hotel market in buying run-down Los Angeles lodgings for £1million with the aim of turning the property into a trendy boutique hotel and exclusive celebrity hang-out, giving her a property portfolio worth £1.9million. Nadine also owns a £350,000k flat in London, and has also started work to open a chain of candle stores.

Sarah Harding = £5.8M

Sarah Harding's Net Worth Sarah Harding was a former-barmaid and karaoke singer, and isn’t too short of a bob or two. She looks likely to become the third member of Girls Aloud to work on a solo record and is rumoured to be in talks with Grammy award winning songwriter, Cathy Dennis.

Sarah’s first major earnings outside Girls Aloud came when Ultimo, the Lingerie company gave her a modelling contract worth £100,000k. She was also the face of Coca-Cola Zero in Ireland which earned her £250k, she has £200k worth of magazine deals under her belt, she owns property worth over £450,000.

But its an acting career Sarah is chasing after. She will soon star in her first big role in a BBC Drama Freefall, as the girlfriend of a wealthy City financier, who looses everything due to the Credit Crunch.

Nicola Roberts = £5.7M

Nicola Roberts Net Worth Nicola Roberts is the shy Liverpool bird who was just 16 years old when Girls Aloud took off and she struggled to make her mark.

A few years later, she is now one of the joint-biggest earners after launching her own make-up range, Dainty Doll.

Sales went through the roof for Nicola, 23 she is believed to have earned the babe £500k already, with a major relaunch planned later this year which is expected to boost her earnings more.

She also owns £400,000 worth of property.

Kimberley Walsh = £5.7M

Kimberley Walsh Net Worth Kimberley has always kept a lower profile than her other band-mates, but has managed to earn an estimated £50,000 as Cheryl Cole‘s adviser on The X Factor.

Kim, 27 also keeps a close eye on Girls Aloud’s finances as secretary and director of their official company, and has a London home worth £750,000.

She eventually wants to move back to her first love – acting in theatre and musicals.

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