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Girls Aloud To Cheryl : Ditch him

Girls Aloud To Cheryl : Ditch him

Although the sensation that is Girls Aloud have not been together for the past 9 months, Cheryl’s bandmates are still there for her and have given her their oppinion on Ashley.

None of the girls have held back in telling Cheryl that she is far to good for Ashley ( i totally agree) . Sarah, was said to be “furious” while fellow bandmates Nadine, Kimberley, and Nicola, said Ashley “didn’t deserve” the X Factor beauty. A close friend of the group said: “As far as they’re concerned Ashley is holding Cheryl back. He doesn’t deserve her and she doesn’t deserve any of this worry.

Sarah is said to be the most furious out of all the girls but all the girls are upset because they see each other more like sisters and they will fight to protect Cheryl. Will Ashley’s scandal bring Girls Aloud back together?

Whilst Cheryl’s mum Joan is also furious at Ashley the friend of the group added “Cheryl’s mum is also livid. She has said she’ll support whatever decision Cheryl makes, but privately believes she deserves better.”

Cheryl and Ashely have not been living together recently as the Solo Artist is living in a london hotel as she is running to and from rehearsals for her performance at the BRIT awards tomorrow night. Ashley and Cheryl were also not reunited for valentines day.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Great article Sophie.

    I completely agree with both your opinion and Girls Aloud's opinion that Cheryl could do soooo much better.

  2. Cheryl deserves soooooooo much better. Ashley is a complete and utter BONEHEAD.

    I will support Cheryl 200% of the way and whatever decision she makes.

    I love you Cheryl. YOU GO GIRL x x x x

  3. katie says:

    Wooop Go Girls Aloud i Would Have To Agree With Them

    I Love Cheryl

    N As for Ashley Go get life x

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