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Girls Aloud to Perform With Joe McElderry on X Factor Final

Girls Aloud to Perform With Joe McElderry on X Factor Final

Girls Aloud Joe McElderry Duet on X Factor Reports and rumours just surfacing on the Internet are claiming that X Factor favourite Joe McElderry is to perform with his mentors Girls Aloud bandmates on The X Factor Final, should he make it that far.

Please remember this is a completely UNCONFIRMED rumour, but some have suggested Girls Aloud would sing James Morrison’s hit, Broken Strings with Joe.

This isn’t the first time the girl band have performed this track, they played with James Morrison himself on The Girls Aloud TV Show last year and on the Out of Control Tour.

We would love to know what you think about the rumour and whether you think the duet would work for Joe? Checkout the Girls Aloud performance of Broken Strings below and leave your thoughts in the comments area…

Girls Aloud – Broken Strings


  1. would be amazing!

  2. Kayleigh says:

    Omg That would be so awesome, what are you on about IF he gets to the final, he will cmon team chezza joe to win Agree??? love you cheryl x x x

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Brilliant. No doubt Joe will win :D GO TEAM COLE. He's the best one standing any ways :)

    luv you cheryl xx.

  4. sophie says:

    girls aloud on x-factor again (L)
    i dont think they will do it though because of the break they're having :S

  5. linmar says:

    nadine wont do it she is to up her own arse. shame it would be fantastic. prehaps the girls should show theyn dont need stuck up nadine who think she is to good for girls aloud…

  6. i agree she could not be bothered to see cheryl perform on x factor and she could not be bothered to go to kimberley and sarah's party. she doesnt want to know. Good ridence lets hope the girls perform without her. She is nothing without girls aloud. They can do without her….

  7. linmar says:

    bet she wont go to no 1 in singles and album charts. Please girls perform with Joe you dont need the stuck up cow..

  8. i think girls aloud should sing on x factor agen because they are my best band ever and joe to win the xfactor xxxxx and cheryl is mint xxxx

  9. i dont think nadine is a stuck up cow girls aloud are called girls aloud because withiut 1 of the girls it isnt girls aloud so yes nadine should sing with girls aloud on x factor yeh she made some mistaces but the girls will forgiver her for that they are like mest m8s at the end of the day and no 1 can do eney thing about it they are the best girl group in the would and i am there biggest fan love you girls xxx

  10. absolutly yes… they really sould… i absolutly luv Broken Strings.. the Girls Sang it amazingly on the tour nd i think Joe would do a fab job of it too… hes just an outstanding singer… nd im very proud to say im frm th North East too…. Nadine is stuck up at all.. she lives in america nd the girls live here in the uk… she mint nt off been able to get over to see cheryl perform.. or for kims nd sarahs party… Nadine is one of the best singers in GA… Girls Aloud wouldnt be the same without her or any of the girls… so just leave her alone… ya dnt knw why she wasnt there… ya dnt even knw her!!!!!!!!!!! come on girls please perform on X Factor with Joe…. luv ya Girls Aloud… biggest fan ever :) :) :) :) xxxx

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