Has Cheryl Cole Become Conscious About Her Health?

cheryl cole Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole and fellow band mate Kimberley Walsh have reportedly quit junk food, sugar and alcohol as they wanted to lose weight and stay fit.

The singers are also claimed to be seen doing exercises together at Cheryl’s home and watching DVDs of the “Strictly Come Dancing – Strictly Fit” and taking advice from fitness guru Tracy Anderson, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

Cheryl, who turned 30 in June 30, was spotted drinking green juices made from spinach, celery, kale, apple and parsley, instead of having sugary snacks and alcoholic beverages.

Cheryl, who once judged both the US and UK version of The X Factor, is rumored to replace singer Jessie J on BBC’s The Voice show, who earlier announced that she won’t return to the singing competition next series.

Meanwhile, Cheryl has refused to settle her previous lawsuit she filed with Blue Orbit, the producers of The X Factor USA way back in March. She is demanding increased compensation after she was forcefully axed from the show after a few auditions. Cheryl is demanding her compensation as well as other related expenses for the second season of the show, which she didn’t appear.

Though, Cheryl admits that she was fully compensated for the first season despite only appearing for a few auditions, she still wants compensation for the second season as well, which she never appeared for. Blue Orbit, however, insisted that the singer was fairly treated.

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