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Hate Mail Directed at Cheryl Cole, Delivered By Email...

Hate Mail Directed at Cheryl Cole, Delivered By Email…

cheryl-cole-nazi I usually give very little time to hate comments and emails we receive on our network of celebrity based news websites, but this email arrived in my inbox just a few minutes ago, seemingly directed at our very own Miss Cheryl Cole.

The email, which comes with no name seems to think that shows such as The X Factor create “karaoke singer fuckers“, and the unnamed person compares the talent show to the German Nazi Party.

So, for your viewing pleasure folks, here is hatemail for Cheryl, from a person who has gone out of his/her way to find…

1. A Cheryl Cole Fansite

2. A contactable email address for Cheryl

3. To write out a shitty message directed at Mrs Cole.

I think this email says more about the sender, than it does Cheryl Cole or The X Factor… Your a FUCKING LOOSER MATE!!!!

The email:

When will you stop feeding the minority mass media shite, your coming close to the same system of the nazi party. we and the internet will destroy ur crap karakoe singer f******,



Anybody agree with the senders assesment of Cheryl Cole and The X Factor, and presumably the winner, Joe McElderry?


  1. Elizabeth says:

    fucking looser. he's trying to make himself sound cool and strong by relating it to another story which has no connection with Cheryl what so ever. You're a piece of shit. If you don't like cheryl then get your ass off her fucking FAN SITE. you think this will get Cheryl down? frankly she doesn't care what you say about her cuz you're just a looser that has no life, sitting in your seat all day finding random fan sites to criticizing people. shut the fuck up!

    Luv you cheryl and Joe! you two are the best

  2. Sophie says:

    thats is awful year some people dont like people but you shouldnt send them hate mail it just lowers their self asteem i could never ever ever hate cheryl but some people are blind but hate mail isnt a souloution!!!! Lovee You Cheryl back you all the way in all you careers!!! Love Joe too back you all the way!!!

  3. sophie says:

    ahaha that person can not be normal seriously i mean i have heard of hate mail but thats a bit too far hahah

  4. Hannah says:

    This person is hilarious, Cheryl is the most amazing person ever and clearly they have a jealousy problem.
    Please fuck off this website cause you clearly don't come on it for the right reasons!

  5. angie says:

    hi cheryl you are simple the best. and my little lad cameron and i think you wre the best judge on the x-factor. when you cryed last weekend i cryed aswell.

  6. chezze says:

    It’s amazing that Cheryl’s fans are all so illiterate or deluded.

    Angie – there’s no such word as cryed – it should be cried. Also aswell should have a space between the s and the w i.e. as well.

    Hannah – cause (in the context you are using) should have ‘be’ in front of it – that’s why we actually say because. Cheryl wasn’t so amazing when she punched that poor toilet attendant, now was she?

    Sophie – is souloution a new word??

    Elizabeth – looser is about knicker elastic (although I seriously doubt either you or Chezza actually wear any). If you meant LOSER it only has one O.

    bye possums! :-)

  7. maggie says:

    how could u cheryl is amazing and shes not going through finalsial greed the press are making up stuff about her non of its true didnt u watch peers mogrgan real life stories with her shes also had to divoce the man she loves because he was a filthy cheater then she got ill and nearly died shes amazing she a stronge independant woman

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