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Hate Videos from the Anti-Girls Aloud YouTube Channel

Hate Videos from the Anti-Girls Aloud YouTube Channel

OK so today over on the Girls Aloud Forum, I was pointed to a channel over on YouTube which has been setup by some idiot with nothing better to do with their time, than to slag off Girls Aloud, and the individual members within the group.

The channel only has six videos, but the videos that are there are extremely full of hatred towards the band. Why somebody would go to all the effort of making these videos, for a band they supposedly hate, is anybody’s guess.

My take on it, the person creating the videos are secretly in love with Girls Aloud, but are too ashamed or embarrassed to admit it, so instead spend hours of their time making rediculous videos.

To whoever did make them, seriously, GET A F*CKING LIFE!!!

Kimberley Walsh Is a Fatty Ugly Pig

Girls Aloud Are Sluts

Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding are Lesbians

Cheryl Cole Is Always Crying

Girls Aloud Suck

Nicola Roberts Has a Face Like Shit


  1. Beckee says:

    I do love how these pathetic people have gone to the trouble of searching for all these pictures and making a video.

  2. sophie says:

    omg these guys are serious loosers!!

  3. Sophie says:

    omg hes the fkin slut, GA rule, nd hes just a gay jelious tw@t

  4. Becky says:

    What. The. Hell.? Ahhhhhhhhh, how pathetic. Girls aloud are amazzingg<3

  5. noname says:

    Those people are the most pathetic loosers ever. They are just doing it coz they have no life of there own and are jelous of all the pretty amazing girls in girls aloud, especcially CHERYL BABE :) they are probs sluts them self! i love girls aloud esspec chezza (L)

  6. These guys are very Weird. About get a life spoken, I think they should get a life.

    Whut a bunch of Loosersss!!

  7. OllyMurs1 says:

    youtube should ban that AntiGirlsAloud they need a life pathetic lil cvnt

  8. OllyMurs1 says:

    AntiGirlsAloud GA rule beat it loser ur the fucking lifeless dick suck your mums toe

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