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Is Cheryl Cole Becoming an International Star with Plastic Surgery?

Is Cheryl Cole Becoming an International Star with Plastic Surgery?

Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery Cheryl Cole is one of the best known and best loved stars in the UK right now. And thanks to her great looks and quirky sense of style, she is becoming a household name in America too. But a website called ‘Make Me Heal’ wonders how much of Cheryl’s look is due to her interest in fashion, and how much is down to plastic surgery?

At 26-years-old, Cheryl Cole has already befriended fashionista and plastic surgery lover Victoria Beckham, and seems to be taking a page or two out of Victoria’s book. Much like Posh Spice, Cheryl was once part of girl group, Girls Aloud, who are currently on a temporary split. She’s married to a footballer, and spends much of her time and money on her appearance.

Cole spends an estimated £150,000 per year on her appearance, and some of that money may go on plastic surgery, including possible nose jobs, breast enhancements and Botox.

Dr Jennifer Walden, an experienced plastic surgeon said: “Based on photos of the star it appears she underwent breast augmentation as well as a possible rhinoplasty. In addition to the body work, she may keep her face wrinkle-free with injectables such as Botox. As far as her lips, there may be dermal filler at work there as well.

On the other hand, Cheryl may be spending much of her money and creams and potions that help her stay youthful as long as possible and tweaking her appearance with superficial changes, like make-up and hairstyle.

Dr. Paul Nassif, a facial plastic surgeon said: “Cheryl Cole is a naturally beautiful woman. She has undergone a bit of a change over the last few years, but the chance was not due to any surgery to her face. It looks like a mini-makeover is responsible for any difference in her appearance. There is the possibility of Botox here and there, but unlikely because she is still very young.

Whether she has had plastic surgery or not, Cheryl Cole looks great and is sure to become even better known in the States as tabloids continue to chronicle her every outfit change. What do you die-hard Cheryl Cole fans think? Has our Cheryl had any plastic surgery?


  1. Hannah says:

    i dont think she has but who knows, shes gorgeous anyway

  2. nop i dnt think she has nd i dnt think she ever will… she dosnt need any shes beautiful as she is :):):) luv ya Cheryl Cole :):):) xxxx

  3. Elizabeth says:

    she hasn't had any. she keeps saying it in interviews, she hasn't had any yet, but she said ask her after she's had 3 kids, she might change her mind. MIGHT. her forehead isn't 100% wrinkle free, there are 1 or 2 lines. and that's natural. it doesn't look flat and plastic. she hasn't had any boob jobs. she's said this over and over again. she just born gorgeous and pretty. People are just jealous. As to news papers and tabloids, they need to fill their pages everyday. 50% of the things they wright aren't true.

    Luv you cheryl. i'm sure you're 'plastic' free :D haha

  4. hi cheryl i don’t think you havn’t got any plastic surgery. and you are still beautiful and amazing too. i have been watching her video and she said hasn’t had her boob job done. i love you loads cheryl xxxx

  5. sophie says:

    i don't think she has, since the beggining her face hasn't changed she just makes it look better with her hair make up and clothes

  6. i don't think cheryl had a plastic surgery. she doesn't need it. she looks amazing and more beautiful as ever. love you lots cheryl.

  7. marina says:

    she didn’t she said that her self why dunt people just believe her she is not some one who lies very offten she is very honest. and she hasn’t changed that much. and she said she didn’t want to look plastic now that is the truth. it wont happen i am sure of. luv cheryl

  8. she hasnt had any plastic surgery and not botox either she is fine the way she is so people should stop being so jealous and respect that

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