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It's Official: Cheryl Cole Dumps Ashley Cole in Official Statement... (UPDATE)

It’s Official: Cheryl Cole Dumps Ashley Cole in Official Statement… (UPDATE)

Breaking news just in…. Just hours after Cheryl Cole landed in Britain, and Ashley Cole did a runner from the country, Cheryl’s official spokesman has confirmed the rumours that the couple have parted ways.

In a short statement issued by Cheryl Cole at 4.15pm, she said: “Cheryl Cole is separating from her husband Ashley Cole. Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time.

The Girls Aloud singer had driven straight from Heathrow Airport to her Surrey Mansion – appropriately named ‘Hurtmore House’ – to give the green light on the statement, which we predicted would happen last week.

The singer had originally made up her mind last week but decided to fly over to Los Angeles to clear her head and get a different perspective.

Cheryl discussed her plans at great length with close pal Derek Hough, 24, the handsome single dancer who she has grown increasingly close to. On Monday night she decided to stay over in LA and cancelled a planned flight while she continued to talk over her problems with Derek.

And here’s why….


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    YES!! Well done Chezza. Might have been hard to do, but well done. You have the fans behind you.

  2. molly x says:

    Andy, i agree with u she has all her fans behind her especially me ! r u on msn? xx

  3. sophie says:

    good girl cheryl :)

  4. lorriannie says:

    good 4 u cheryl!! u have the support of the whole country behind you! Keep ur chin up

  5. katie says:

    well done cheryl n omg how could he do with that all them girls a fukin minging n then cheryl who always looks gawjus n i am so glad she left him n he has gone out tha country x

  6. angie says:

    cheryl i want say i am with you all the way and i will be thinking of you too love you loads. i am please you dump him. cheryl i am still your number one fan love angie xxxx

  7. fabienene okpevba says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    I fully appreciate how you feel right now. However, I dont think you should divorce Ashley. You still love each other and you are going through a crisis right now, which you can overcome. I do not condone his conduct. How he has been treating you is bad. In any event, he is not the first man to cheat and will not be the last, not alll men, but alot of men do cheat on their wife's at some point in the marriage. Examples, Bill Clinton, David Beckham, Simon Cowell. It all hyporcrosy, and they all stay with thier husbands and why should you divorce.

  8. fabienne okpevba says:

    The media dont care, just another sensantional story to make money, divorce lawyers will make money based on divorce proceedings and you will be left to pick up the pieces. Do what is in your heart and not to please family, friends, the public including your career. Family life is more important. I strongly suggest you and Ashley go for marriage counselling to sort Ashley's issues. He needs your help more than anything.

  9. fabienne okpevba says:

    I know you have done everything to help Ashely but dont throw your marriage away. Seperate for a while, and give each other time before you really go down that route. Ahsley loves you and so do you. I was dissapointed when I heard the news, hence I have taken the time to email you and hope you will read this message. I know Ashely has done this time and time again, but he has an issue not that he does not love you or treasure you. Dont think about what people think, think about how you feel. I am sure deep down, you dont want toso. It does not mean you are a mug, if you take him back, marriage is for better or for worst. Dont give up on it now. You both need each other. divorce him but because he has humilated and the rest, you feel you are under pressure to do There is time to heal and reconsider during your seperation. You are making a big mistake. I wish you all the best and everyone in this country is thinking of you. I wish you all the happyness that you derserve. Just to let you know there are people out there who do not wish to see you divorce or relish

  10. fabienne okpevba says:

    Think of the positive things between you and Ashley and dont throw your marriage away!

  11. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Yeah, Ashley Cole loves Cheryl SOOOOOOOOOOO fuckin much that he HAPPILY cheated on her with FIVE women, and ONLY admitted it after being caught out.

    And even then, he denied it completely until another woman came forward with pictures that PROVED he was a love rat.

    Cheryl – well done on dumping that son of a bitch. Move on with your life and find someone who LOVES you enough NOT to cheat on you with any slapper that comes along.

  12. victoria says:

    Everyone deserves a second chance but not a 3rd,4th or 5th chance. I think she has done the right thing,he hasnt learned his lesson and you can't live like that!!! Cheryl will get all the men flocking round her now. Think she should get with Peter Andre,what a lovely couple!!!

  13. Emma B says:

    Cheryl I will support you 200% of the way. Whatever choices you make you have a reason for it. That is what I admire most about you. You are going through difficult times in your marrige as many people do. The reasons that you have for your choice are always very understandable. Not many people can give a good reason for doing something. You are an amazing singer and you look amazing too.

  14. Emma B says:

    So far in your life you have even said yourself it goes s***, s***, s***, amazing, amazing, amazing. The last few months and weeks have been s*** for you and you have said that yourself. I admire you for the strength and courage that you have shown through these times. I will cotinue to respect your privacy and I hope the paps will too. Your family and friends have been very supportive and I hope you notice that we are all behind you too. I will constantly look up to you and I will continue to admire you for many reasons. I hope and pray that you ead this message and notice there are people out there that are there for you. I know as a fact that you will do amazingly well in your future as you have done in the past. Keep strong and whatever you feel is best just follow your heart.
    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

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