Jamie Afro sings ‘Sex on Fire’ – The X Factor

Jamie Afro - The X Factor So did you see The X Factor last night? If you did, then perhaps you were stunned by the end performance of one Jamie Afro. He walked onto the stage with rock and roll swagger, a vision of big hair, leather and seventies style, it was instantly clear that the 2000-strong audience were behind James Archer (Jamie Afro) immediately.

Viewers were able to see a Jamie Afro chat to Dermot moments before his audition, and perhaps had a slight idea that this wasn’t going to be your average auditionee. The judges, were pleasantly surprised after a long day of rejections and terrible auditions.

My sole purpose will be to not only impress the judges, but I’m going to get that crowd going, and I’m not going to let them go until Ive got every single one of them singing up there,” said Jamie.

With his extensive experience in playing small gigs, he felt he could really outshine other auditionees. And boy was he right. Every single member of that lively audience in London were on their feet, singing along to his version of ‘Sex on Fire‘ by Kings of Leon. Even Simon Cowell was singing a long, which is a first for ANY of his talent shows.

I love it! I really vibe off the audience… and i think that’s why I’m going to stand out,” he said before his audition.

And once the man on a mission to entertain the nation was let loose on the London audience, they went nuts for him. Four huge yes’s from the judges, Jamie Archer was winging it to bootcamp. Mission accomplished.

Jamie Afro – The X Factor

What did you think of James Archer, or Jamie Afro??


  1. amazing loved him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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