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Jamie Archer: Radio Ga Ga on The X Factor - Video

Jamie Archer: Radio Ga Ga on The X Factor – Video

Jamie Archer - Radio Ga Ga on The X Factor Queen Week Kicking off The X Factor‘s Queen Week was our very own rock contestant, Jamie Archer, AKA Jamie Afro.

Not only was Jamie thrilled to be singing a Queen song this week, he got to meet two members of his all-time favourite band, Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen.

Jamie Afro took on a massive hit, one which will always be remembered as the track Freddie aced at Live Aid in 1985, Radio Ga Ga.

This should have been a brilliant week for Jamie, as it was rock week, but as he always tends to do, he underwhelmed slightly. We always have this expectation that he’ll be amazing, but he was wobbly on the vocals while he didn’t go far enough with the performing part.

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Jamie Archer – Radio Ga Ga on The X Factor Queen Week

Judges Comments

Dannii Minogue: Jamie you really know how to get the crowd going, and we saw that tonight. I absolutely love you. In some ways it was a brilliant song choice, because what you do is rock the crowd and that really worked. In other ways it didn’t show off your vocal ability to what i know you can do.

Louis Walsh:Yes it was a good song choice because its a crowd pleasing song, but we’re looking for somebody that’s going to sell a million records, I think you are totally out of your depth. I think you seeing Queen, seeing Freddie Mercury has totally exposed you as a very ordinary singer with a small voice and very big hair.

Cheryl Cole:He hasn’t got a small voice Louis. I think it’s always tough being first up and I think you kicked off the show well. I really like you Jamie, but I don’t like your hair.”

Simon Cowell: Jamie I think for you, from what I know you want to achieve in your life, you’ve met the Queen guys, they’ve given you an endorsement, you got an incredible reaction from the crowd, You were brilliant tonight.

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  1. Berni says:

    I thought it was excellent! I wasn't going to watch the X Factor last week because of the whole thing where Lucie went instead of Jedward, but I changed my mind last minute.

    I'm glad to see a rocker in there for once. There was Tabby a few years ago, and then nobody. Not that anyone else is bad, but Rock is one of the biggest Genres in the industry and is generally ignored by most music snobs such as Louis, but I think Jamie is something amazing. Come on guys, give him a chance. I know he can blow you all away, just wait. Think about it! He's been playing bars for how many years now? A huge crowd WILL overwhelm him, whereas the other folks haven't really played to many people at all, so for them, 5 million people is the norm!!


  2. diane says:

    he is the only one with international appeal! A star – I agree he has beeen better but he´ll get through- he remains true

  3. Why did he go lloyd should have gone, lloyd hasnt got strong enough vocals compared to Jamie afro

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