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JLS: Cheryl Cole Should Have Mimed on The X Factor

JLS: Cheryl Cole Should Have Mimed on The X Factor

JLS on Cheryl Cole Miming on X Factor Last year’s X Factor contestants JLS have waded into the X Factor miming row which surrounded Cheryl Cole when she performed her debut solo single earlier last month on the popular ITV Talent Show.

The argument surrounds her performance of Fight For This Love on The X Factor. One week before her performance, Cheryl announced she would not be singing live, but over backlash from the public, she went back on her decision and announced she would be singing live. Despite this, a lot of fans still believe Cheryl was miming her track.

JLS, who were last year’s runners up, who are now trying to knock Cheryl off the number one spot in the charts with their own track, Everybody In Love, have surprisingly OK-ed it for the judge to mime, despite her own acts being forced to sing and dance live.

Sometimes you need to give the best performance possible and sometimes you have to mime and for me, watching as a viewer I thought it was an absolutely incredible performance and she looked and danced amazingly. It’s all about the song at the end of the day and we all think the song is great. We are going to get her album as well,” said JLS singer JB.

Meanwhile, Aston of JLS said: “At the end of the day she is one artist. She can’t sing all four harmonies that there are going to be. We are OK because we can sing the whole chorus fully live because we are four people. She needs backing stuff. Like on the dance bit. She needs the under part, the high part and then she is singing the middle part.

But all four lads were split 50/50 when they asked who was winning the hotness stakes between Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue this series, saying that is one vote that should be put to Dead Lock.

So what do you think fans? Should or did Cheryl Cole mime to the debut solo performance of Fight For This Love on The X Factor? Leave us a comment below…


  1. sophie says:

    she DEFFINATLY didnt mime and people who cant hear that are so stupid

  2. JESSICA says:

    she definatly didnt mime it was a fantastic performance and everybody knows that. And Cheryl has definatly been looking better than dannii this series. Love you loads Cheryl xx

  3. Elizabeth says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD! HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO TELL ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE? SHE DIDN'T FUCKING MIME!!. omg. I'm going insane. Hearing all these things about Cheryl not singing LIVE, or she loosing to Danni, hurts me, like i feel so sorry for her. i mean like why can't people just watch the fucking video on Youtube and admit that she DID sing LIVE. It hurts me so much hearing people not liking what she's doing, saying she didnt sing it and shit. I'm not Cheryl (obviously) but it still hurts me so much cuz i luv her so much.

    And, no, DANNI IS LOOSING TO CHERYL. SHE ALWAYS HAS BEEN. JUST GET OVER IT DANNI FANS. i'm not saying i hate danni. i luv her too, but im on team COLE :D

    luv cheryl xx.

  4. cheryl dont mine what people say you have down so well u look so good i think these people need a life not everyone is going to love.

  5. cheryl did not i repeat did not mime… i hate it whn ppl keep bring up ths thing tht cheryl was miming the song coz she wasnt she WAS live…. i really dnt like it whn things like this r being said about cheryl it hurts me a lot coz im a huge fan of cheryl nd i've always hav been since popstars.. didt like wht ashton said abut her perfomace either… yea maybe she couldnt sing all the harmonies bt all solo artists cnt do tht nd ppl remember she is actually in the Biggest girl band in th UK with four other members.. its was hard for cheryl to go out nd sing live by herself wif th other girls nd on a talent show were she is a judge nd were she came frm too. :):):)
    as for the fight between cheryl nd danii sayin tht danii is beating cheryl… there is no way she ischeryl is the best nd always will be. i do like danii bt i will always support cheryl no matter wht :):):):)

    Luv ya cheryl :):):) xx

  6. Staceeeey says:

    FFS PEOPLE SHE DIDNT MIME !! it was a fricking amazing performance and team cole comes on to EVERY time against team minogue ! im not gonna slag of dannii because i actually like her but cheryl is my true winner :) CHERYL BABE I LOVE YOU IM YOU'RE NUMBER 1 FAN YOU ARE MY IDOL :D xxxxxxx

  7. Sophie says:

    I don’t fink she mimed but she obv had backing vocals, ad JLS said she is 1 person and can’t sing all 4 harmonies :)

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