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Joe McElderry: Circle of Life - The X Factor Week 5

Joe McElderry: Circle of Life – The X Factor Week 5

Joe McElderry - Circle of Life on The X Factor Songs from the movies was the theme of The X Factor in the fifth week of the live shows, and Joe McElderry chose to sing a massive classic by Elton John - Circle of Life – which accompanied the 1994 Disney hit, The Lion King.

In recent weeks, Cheryl Cole’s fellow judges have accused Joe of being more of a musical theatre type artist, rather than a pop star.

Tonight, Joe had the opportunity to live up to their comments, taking more of a musical type track, and applying it to his performance. But did Joe McElderry impress the judges?

Joe gave an amazing performance this week on The X Factor, and the vocal was just perfect. He was accompanied by quite a large production, with dancers all around which really tied The Lion King’s theme into his performance. Check it out below…

Joe McElderry – Circle of Life on The X Factor Live Show Week 5

Judges Comments

Louis Walsh:Joe, your definitely one of the best singers in the competition and you tick all the boxes, but as Simon said on the VT, I do think your more musical theatre than pop star and we are looking for a pop star. I think the song was a little bit predictable and a little bit safe, I think you are better and have a lot more potential than this.

Dannii Minogue:Joe, you are the best male vocalist in the competition hands down. Your the most likable, the most beautiful, the only thing I would critique is your voice is strong and that’s what musical theatre is, but I didn’t like the production on this song. I love it when you just perform a song and i think the production was just detracting from that.

Simon Cowell:Joe I thought it was the perfect song for you, its what your all about. I really liked the production, the only thing I didn’t like was you have to stop this kind of stage school ‘swaying’, you need to have the confidence to just take the mic and believe in yourself. I don’t think your the best male singer in the competition, but having said that, I think your commercial, I think you know who you are, and I think you should enjoy this moment. That was very good.

Cheryl Cole:Every week I love working with you even more, I get to know you, you’re starting to feel like a little brother to me and I’m so proud to watch you singing up there like that, its an amazing feeling.”

How did you find Joe McElderry’s X Factor week 5 performance guys and gals? Leave your comment below…


  1. danielle says:


  2. I am from romania and I am watching the show. very interesting. cheryl choses the right songs for joe and for lloyd too (not her fault he does not have the right voice for them).
    so go on joe win this competition this year, and cheryl win it again this year!!

  3. peter sharman says:

    one minit louis his telling joe he is a pop star then he is saying he is not simon and louis know he his good but of course thay want there act to win joe to win x factor he looks a true pro good luck joe.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    cheryl is a goon

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