Joe McElderry: Dont Stop Believing – X Factor Live Show 4

Joe McElderry - The X Factor Live Show 4 The X Factor Live Show week four with the theme of the show being ‘Rock’.

Cheryl Cole’s best chance of winning the competition, Joe McElderry picked a big rock classic from ‘Journey’, the song choice being ‘Dont Stop Believing’. The other three judges seemed to be of the opinion that Joseph McElderry isn’t at all ‘rock’, and could struggle with this week’s genre, but he totally proved them all wrong, coming out and delivering a performance that he could truly be proud of.

Upon finishing his performance, Cheryl Cole most certainly looked proud of her act, as she gave him a wink, and blew him a kiss. The crowd also seemed to love Joe McElderry X Factor Live Week Four performance.

Take a look at the video below, and leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

Joe McElderry – Dont Stop Beleiving X Factor Live Show 4

Judges Comments

Dannii Minogue: “Joe, I just have to say the voice is exceptional and you are an absolute star, honestly. What I loved about that performance is it’s the first time we’ve seen you moving in amongst the audience and you absolutely looked so comfortable, and they adore you.

Louis Walsh: “On paper, I didn’t think this was going to work. It’s a big, big rock anthem. But you absolutely won me over. The little boy has become a man, and Joe, don’t stop believing. I believe you’re going to be in the final.

Simon Cowell: “Joe, you’re one of the most consistent performers we have in the competition. Whatever’s thrown at you, you do your best. It was a little bit limp and stage-schooly in parts, but the singing was excellent.

Cheryl Cole: “I loved it. You know what it is Joe, you sometimes even impress me because you give that extra 20%. All of the north east is rooting for you, and the calls I’ll get tonight about this performance will be through the roof. You’re going all the way to the end.


  1. claire says:

    Hiya its Calire here i am on of Joe’s biggest fans and absolutly loved him signin this sond although i think he could sing the alphabete abnd i would love it. All my freinds were sayin that he wouldnt pull it off and rock wasnt his thing i personally think he proved them all wrong. I love hi to bits and now he wil be there until the end :D xxx

  2. james cooper says:

    Joe McElderry – Dont Stop Beleiving X Factor Live Show 4
    james cooper-Dont stop Beleiving x facor Live show 4

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