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Joe McElderry Insist's He's Straight, But Music Comes Before Girls!!!

Joe McElderry Insist’s He’s Straight, But Music Comes Before Girls!!!

Joe McElderry Recording Studio Album X Factor winner Joe McElderry spoke out recently ending speculation surrounding his sexuality, insisting the rumours that he’s gay are NOT true. The 18-year-old Geordie, who won with the help of 6 million votes from the public, said he has had girlfriends, but has not become sexually active yet.

He also said the rumours he fancied his mentor Cheryl Cole are NOT true – saying she is just a friend. He also revealed he’s imposed a sex ban on himself so he can concentrate on what is important right now – his music! Joe was seen living his dream yesterday outside a London hotel, as he prepared to fly out to Los Angeles to work on his debut album.

Joe told The Sun: “I’m straight. I’ve had girlfriends, but I don’t have one right now. I haven’t slept with anyone, but I’m a young lad and I’m concentrating on my music. I know I’ll probably get offers but – for me – it’s all about the singing for now. At the moment the last thing on my mind is a girlfriend.

He also dismissed reports that he had a fling with Rachel Adedeji, a fellow X Factor contestant who – in my opinion – rudely snatched Joe’s microphone when he was singing his winning single on Sunday night. He said: “She’s a mate – she makes me laugh. There was nothing going on.

Joe McElderry also revealed how he met Queen Bitch glamour model Katie Price – who had an affair with former X Factor winner Gareth Gates. He met her backstage, but admitted there was no spark between them. (You had a lucky escape there Joe!!!).

Joe has a good head on his shoulders, insisting he wouldn’t be blowing his new-found wealth on drink and drugs. He’d like to pay off his mums mortgage, and buy himself a house near his current address in South Shields. Joe is being whisked from his cramped flat to a life of celebrity and sun in Los Angeles soon.

The 18-year-old is still stunned by his success in the final. He will spend 9 months in California in the studio next year. Simon Cowell has signed up Ryan Tedder – the creator of Leona Lewis’ global hit – Bleeding Love. Cowell said he will do everything possible to ensure Joe turns into his next big star, after previous male winners, Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward and Leon Jackson turned out to be massive flops.

Who is looking forward to Joe McElderry’s debut album then? Anybody offering to become his first girlfriend as a celebrity??? Comments below please….


  1. Elizabeth says:


  2. Hannah says:

    he is the cutest thing ever

  3. Jelisa Baptiste says:

    Although he said he's not concentrating on a girlfriend i respect that but i will just love to speak with him for atleast 3 mins that's all.

  4. Guest says:

    I'll be his girlfriend =]

  5. thunder says:

    he's rubbish manufactured trash i wouldn't give him a penny. get a life joe, stop being a puff and get a real job like the rest of us have to.

  6. lenhud says:

    just because you have done nothing in your life no need to run joe down . get a life you moroon

  7. thunder says:

    In my life i have at least learnt how to spell, Moron!

  8. fuck you thunder says:

    fuck off u pathetic dick

  9. zoe wilson says:

    i Just love Joe i Just want 2 hug him hes Just so cute and i think thats good of him concentraing on his music good on u Joe and i think its sad people saying that he is gay and u can c he clearly not so if people say that well that Just means that they r jealous then i think anyways ……… anyway love ya Joe u will always b my 1 # fan keep up the good work hope i c u one day btw done listen 2 these weirdows that say that u r gay coze we all know that u not so YEAH xXx <3

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