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Joe McElderry Now Favourite to Win The X Factor

Joe McElderry Now Favourite to Win The X Factor

Joe McElderry - X Factor Betting Odds Week 3 Cheryl Cole has not only had a great week because her single, Fight For This Love smashed all previous record sales when hitting the number one spot this weekend, but also her X Factor contestant, Joe McElderry is now odds-on favourite to win the show.

For weeks the favourite to win the show was Danyl Johnson, but after his smug (but good) performance landed him in the sing-off this weekend, punters have lost confidence in him, meaning Joseph McElderry is now the favourite with the punters.

Not only is Joe McElderry now favourite to win The X Factor, but he’s Cheryl Cole’s only real chance of winning the show for the second year in a row, after Rikki Loney from her category was voted out two weeks ago, and her other contestant Lloyd Daniels is just… well, a poor man’s Joe McElderry.

Currently The X Factor Betting Odds currently stand at:

  • 7-2 : Joe McElderry
  • 9-2 : Danyl Johnson
  • 9-2 : Olly Murs
  • 5 : Stacey Soloman
  • 5 : Lucie Jones
  • 13-2 : Jamie Archer
  • 25 : Lloyd Daniels
  • 25 : John & Edward
  • 33 : Rachel Adedeji

So enough of the bookies odds, who do YOU think will win The X Factor 2009 people?


  1. alice says:

    i think joe will win the x factor 2009 contest. he's a brilliant singer. he will win the contest for cheryl.

  2. i think joe is the best singer and he is gonna win the contest for cheryl.

  3. danielle says:


  4. I think Joe might just steal it but I really want Stacey to win !! :) Cant believe Lucie went this weekend to John and Edward well annyoeddd!

  5. lauren says:

    I hope joe wins :) he a nice lad rom the north east

  6. xfactor Rules says:

    Joe is Brilliant..I cant wait to see him at the live tour!!!! I rely rely hope he wins ….Hes Brilliant!! xxxxxxxx

  7. geoff says:

    he's the only one… smile and voice to outdo the others – what is this competition all about? Joe will win, let's all think positively and accept the inevitable ;)))

  8. Hannah says:

    i really hope joe wins i have loved him from the beginning <3

  9. random says:

    i think it will be

    1 joe or stacey
    2joe or stacey
    4 ollie
    5 lloyd

  10. random6 says:

    dont put lloyd in the bottom 2 again please vote lloyd joe and olly

  11. random6 says:

    lloyd has been in the bottom 2 lots so save him he is a nice lad and is hear to make his dream i dont want him 2 win i want joe 2 i have since the start when lloyd was in the bottom 2 agenst rachel ha cried dont do it 2 him again vote lloyd he is only 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OllyMurs1 says:

    why should the gay twat have won olly is better:@

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