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Joe McElderry or Olly Murs to Win X Factor 2009?

Joe McElderry or Olly Murs to Win X Factor 2009?

Olly Murs and Joe McElderry in X Factor Final

So Stacey Soloman Got The Boot in tonight’s live X Factor final, after she delivered probably the best performances of her life, but it wasn’t enough.

With Stacey Soloman out the way, that leaves only Joe McElderry and Olly Murs battling it out in tomorrow nights live finale for the winners title, and that £1 million recording contract.

So who are you backing people? Joe McElderry, the vocal genius or Olly Murs, the all-around entertainer. Who would you like as your X Factor 2009 champion???

Comments below please….


  1. danielle says:

    JOE TO WIN <3

  2. WeLoveChezza<3 says:

    hes gonna win xxx

  3. Joes#1Fan says:

    JOE is going to win. If that daddy dancing shit singing untalentless cocky twat Olly wins I will LITERALLY hang myself. :| Joe is the only one in that show who had talent. He will totally nail the climb, as it's a ballad. And all Olly has is his gay dance moves ha.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    OMG I SO AGREE WITH YOU. FINALLY SOMEONE THINKS THE SAME AS ME. Olly's just a cocky performer with bad, weird dancing moves. Joe's the one with all the talent. He can sing, he can dance, he's nice, he's down to earth. JOE HAS TO WIN, IF HE DOESN'T IM GOING TO JUMP OF A BUILDING. his 'Dance with my father' performance was epic, i think it's the best i've seen him done, he never let's cheryl down. every performance he does is better than the previous one. luv luv luv joe, he has to win. WIN FOR CHERYL :)

    Luv you cherylxx.

  5. lorraine says:

    olly to win

  6. Veronica says:

    JOE to win! So amazing and natural voice! VOTE for him!

  7. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Im on Cheryl's side, BUT i really want Olly to win.

    Joe, while he's been consistent throughout the weeks, he can only sing a certain genre of songs. He tends to sing only ballads. He does them VERY well, but he is very limited in what he can do.

    Olly, on the other hand, is an ALL ROUND entertainer. No matter what song you give him, he pulls it off perfectly.

    Joe i compare to Will Young – great singer, not much personality, and very limited in what he can do.

    Olly, i compare to Robbie Williams. Doesnt have the best voice in the world, but he has stage presence, he is VERY smooth, he is an all-round entertainer, he gets audience participation.

    I know damn well Joe is gonna win this, but if im honest, i would rather Olly take the crown now that Stacey has gone.

  8. Becca says:

    Joe has to win!! He is absolutely amazing and is soo talented. He's been my favourite right from the beginning and if he doesn't win I will cry. Come on Joe!!

  9. well, i kinda hope you lot hang yourselves if olly wins, cos at the end of the day, we will have lost 6 people who know sweet fuck all about music, andrew macdonald and lorraine are the only ones who knew what they were talking about
    olly to win
    the x factor is to find the years best performer and that is quite obviously olly murs

  10. Stephen Clegg III says:

    I seriously question Simon Cowell's ability to recognise talent after his insistence that Olly is an all-rounder. All round twonk (goit) yes! Can't dance, can't sing, can't talk propah neivah! Southern poncy "deal or no deal" bullshit merchant. If he's not surrounded by 20 babes to distract you from the fact that he can't sing he's f*&^*&^*ed!

  11. OllyMurs1 says:

    olly should of won fuck off haters and fuck off joe fans

  12. OllyMurs1 says:

    fuck off olly is amazing

  13. OllyMurs1 says:

    Olly murs has done nothing wrong what the fck is there to hate him get a fucking life

  14. OllyMurs1 says:

    shut the fuck up u sad lil prick get a fucking life

  15. OllyMurs1 says:

    if u hate olly murs go drop dead

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