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Joe McElderry's Revealing Interview

Joe McElderry’s Revealing Interview

joe-mcelderry-fancies-cheryl-cole We know most men fancy Cheryl Cole but I am sure no one thought Joe McElderry would admit to the Telegraph that he along with the others has the hots for our nations sweetheart.

In an interview with them he said, “Oh, who doesn’t fancy Cheryl Cole? Come on!” but then quickly saying she was like a big sister to him throughout the competition even labeling her as the best mentor on the X Factor, “It was really good having somebody like that to go and talk to. She was really supportive and helpful with the song choices so it was really good, she told me to just enjoy it and not to believe my own hype. She said that a lot. Enjoy your singing, because the moment you start believing your own hype, you lose the focus of the competition and it kind of ruins it.

Joe not only admires Cheryl but also his ‘hero’ George Michael, who duetted with him on saturday night.

He tells The Telegraph that he wants his music to follow in the direction of George’s and how amazing it was singing with him. When asked about his new single ‘The Climb’ and how he thinks it will do in the charts he said, “That would be like a dream come true, if I could get a Christmas number one. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s going to happen but whether or not it will, we’ll see but it’s a massive deal.

So lets hope Joe McElderry makes it to number one this Christmas, he definitely deserves it.

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