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Joe McElderry: The X Factor Live Show Week 2 Video

Joe McElderry: The X Factor Live Show Week 2 Video

Joe McElderry - The X Factor Week 2 This week, the theme on The X Factor was ‘Diva Week’, and with the celebrity guest being none other than Whitney Houston, it was most certainly applicable.

Joe McElderry chose to sing Whitney Houston’s massive smash hit, Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Although all three judges gave brilliant comments to our Joseph McElderry, the messages i was reading on Twitter from the fans seemed to be fairly negative.

I personally thought he did a cracking job of Whitney’s hit, keeping in mind he is a lad trying to sing a female song. And a huge song at that!!

I still feel The X Factor judges haven’t really challenged his vocal range, but perhaps we’ll see more in coming weeks.

Joe McElderry – X Factor Week 2 Performance

Judges Comments:

Dannii Minogue:You nailed it in the auditions… blah blah blah.

Simon Cowell: It pains me to say this, but that was note perfect! You take on one of the big Whitney songs. The only criticism I’m going to give is that you’ve gotta raise your shoulders a bit and you’ve gotta learn how to perform. But great vocal.

Cheryl Cole:That was absolutely beautiful.


  1. Robyn Bigspoon-Milkybarkid Cormack-Coombes says:

    I think Whitney Houston has an amazing voice (perhaps this is why Cheryl Cole is completley bricking it at the fact she will have to sing before or after the amazing Whitney Houston on tomorrows live show haha) that no1 can match they can however take a song and make it theres.. and I think Joe did an amazing Job at it… :)

  2. Mr.Listener says:

    I totally agree with you, im a Joe fan but this week, his vocals are as good as always but i wanted to hear more range. I'm neutral on the performance, it didint cativate me as last weeks, maybe its the song choice? All in all it was a decent performance, i want to see him taking some risks.

  3. katie x says:

    ommgg i am in love with joee i luv him he is amazinn at singinnn he will du cheryl proud

  4. Diane x says:

    i love joe he is both very talented and absolutely gorgeous :)

  5. angie says:

    i think hes going to b in the final he has a great voice

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