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Joe McElderry's Verdict on His X Factor Rivals

Joe McElderry’s Verdict on His X Factor Rivals

Joe McElderry - The X Factor 2009 X Factor contestant Joe McElderry, from Cheryl Cole’s category took some time out of his busy schedule practising for tonight’s X Factor performance to tell us what he thought of his rivals.

Check out Joe McElderry‘s verdict below.

  • Miss Frank
    The girls are brilliant and did an amazing performance last week. Graziella cooks for us all too.”
  • John and Edward
    I honestly love John and Edward, everyone in the house does. The press have got them totally wrong. They are so funny and nice and always happy.
  • Danyl Johnson
    He’s great, another one who likes to make sure we’re all OK.
  • Jamie Archer
    He’s brilliant, a proper rock star, totally cool and chilled out.
  • Olly Murs
    He’s great and really entertaining.”
  • Rikki Loney and Lloyd Daniels
    I share a room with them so I get on really well with them both and we’re really close. We’ve shared the experience right the way through from bootcamp, the judge’s houses and now the live shows.
  • Rachel Adedeji:
    She’s hilarious and very nice. She just loves to have a laugh.”
  • Lucie Jones
    She’s lovely and really caring and likes to make sure everyone is OK.”
  • Stacie Soloman
    She’s the best. Literally what you see is what you get. What you see of her is just her down to a tee.

So not surprisingly, not a bad word to say about the lot of them. I was hoping he would slag John and Edward off, because people seem to be warming to them, yet for some reason, i cant stand the sight of them. No chance of winning the show though!!!


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