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Joe Reveals Cheryl's Intimate Secrets

Joe Reveals Cheryl’s Intimate Secrets

We all watched in admiration as Cheryl Cole and Joe McElderry  became closer as the weeks went by on the x-factor this year, Cheryl even says that she treats Joe as if he is one of her little brothers. The pair seemed like they had been separated at birth when Joe first auditioned, and everybody knew it as soon as the geordie accent left his mouth. But i certainly didn’t realize they had become this close.

Joe has apparently spilt 3 secrets that only himself, Cheryl and Cheryl’s husband Ashley know about. Before this Joe admitted if Cheryl was not married he would propose to her in a matter of seconds. Joe first revealed that Cheryl has a habit of sleeping with her eyes open, Joe said that when he first saw Cheryl sleeping  (when he did see her sleeping i don’t know!) it scared the hell out of him.

The second secret Joe revealed is that Cheryl insists Ashley uses 2 condoms whenever they have sex as she doesn’t want to risk any chances of becoming pregnant just yet. This secret of course contradicts recent rumors that Cheryl Cole is Pregnant which isn’t surprising as her schedule gets busier by the day.

And the third intimate secret about Cheryl is that Ashley’s nickname for Cheryl’s “woman’s parts” is Little Miss Muffin. Now i have no idea why Joe knows this information as i didn’t realize him and Cheryl had gotten so close!

I don’t imagine Cheryl will be too happy that her intimate secrets have been leaked to the press by her new friend who she helped all the way to the final of the x-factor but i can’t see her getting mad at Joe either!

Do you think Cheryl will be upset that her darkest secrets have been leaked?

Editor note: This article was originally based on a post from a well-known spoof website, therefore the ’3 Cheryl Cole Secrets’ in this article should not be treated as genuine.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Great post Sophie, i was looking at this particular story earlier on but made a pass on it for one reason…

    The source of this story is a well-known hoax / spoof website. They write stories each and every day which are completely fabricated, checkout the site in question at http://www.thespoof.com/

    I have added a line at the bottom of your article so people know that the story itself and the 3 intimate secrets arent actually true ;-)

    A very good post though, was very impressed!!

  2. hah i didn’t think joe would know so much about her ! haha

  3. Andrew MacDonald says:

    lol, you plonker!! xx

  4. Elizabeth says:

    LOL!!! this is funny. :D if it is true, Joe in shit… hahahahhaha uhhhooo Cheryl's pissed.
    LMFAO this post is really good. Miss muffin… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA awhhhhh Cheryl.
    I can't wait to see Cheryl or Ashley Junior.

  5. Urrrrrrrrrrr! I love Cheryl, but I didn't want Joe to win, and now he leaks her secrets?!?!?

  6. omgggg howw wud he now all this aww bless

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