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Just how Sexy Is Cheryl's Tour Going To Be?

Just how Sexy Is Cheryl’s Tour Going To Be?

As previously posted on this website most of you will know that Cheryl will be touring solo. You will also know that cheryl is planning on making her tour very raunchy. But just how raunchy is she planning on making her outifts?

On previous Girls Aloud tours and gigs we have seen that they do wear very short dresses and revealing clothes but is cheryl planning on going one step further? News has it that cheryl is planning on wearing leather and PVC revealing corsets. Her show will apparently be based around a bondage theme as she has broken away from Girls Aloud for the time being.

Apparently chezza will be following in the footsteps of Madonna using whips and tonnes of bling. This is risky as it is the first time she will be touring solo but we all know she can pull it of, after all she’s gorgeous. 

Sources say this is going be one of the biggest things Cheryl has ever done. Cheryl wants to make this as visually impressive as she can and the tour will being travelling to some of the worlds biggest cities. She will be making all her female fans in absolute awe of her whilst her male fans will be drooling at her feet, but Cheryl wont drop her class, it will be extremely sexy but still classy.

What ever Cheryl wears she will look amazing but i know one thing, i can’t wait to see what she decides to wear! Who else is excited?


  1. chloe says:

    cool i watch it livexD

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    oooo im liking the sound of all these corsets and shit. Im defo going!!!!!!

  3. sophie says:

    haha im excited :) are we deffo garunteed tickets?

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Unfortunately is never a guarantee. As soon as the tour is announced i can get onto the press office to get the press passes, but it's always a first-come first serve type thing, so i wont know for sure until the 24 hours after the tour announcement.

  5. sophie says:

    ahh thats cool, i hope we can get them :):)

  6. Hannah Goodall says:

    samee cause this tour will be the MOST amazing night of my life!!!

  7. DannyDD says:

    Shes got no talent so she needs to wear as little as possible- what a surprise!! IF ALL ELSE FAILS JUST DRESS LIKE A SLAG!! thought she was suppost to be different …..oh well it'll detract attention away from her TERRIBLE voice!

  8. ILUCHERYL says:

    is this the black eyed peas tour that shes supporting at???? or is there another one thats just her that im missing here ?!
    if im missing something, I NEED TICKETS !!!!

  9. adele says:

    is this tour just cheryl or the black eyed peas as well because i would love to see cheryl but not a massive fan of black eyed peas

  10. I need to know the same thing please tell me I really want to know!

    LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

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