Lily Allen Reignites Twitter Feud With Cheryl Cole Fans…Again

Cheryl Cole Lily Allen Apparently Lily Allen Rose or Lily Allen is “bored” of her life and has started her Twitter feud with Cheryl Cole fans again.

The 27-year-old singer admitted that she’s sick of watching TV and tired of changing nappies. She told her Twitter followers that she has become bored of being a housewife and it appears that its her boredom that led her yet again her childish Twitter battle with the “Call My Name” hitmaker’s fans.

She wrote on Twitter that she’s tired of dirty nappies, watching TV, cook dinner, responding to internet rants and wished she has better things to do.

Alongside her revealtion, Lily also got involved in arguments online over vote of whether she should save her pigs or slaughter them, following Cheryl’s Comic Relief charity. She later ended up in a feud with Cheryl’s fans labelling them as “vegan loonies” after they called her being more “vitriolic” that most of Cheryl’s misguided “soldiers”.

Oh, Lily just get a hobby.

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