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Lloyd Daniels: Im Still Standing on The X Factor Week 8 - Video

Lloyd Daniels: Im Still Standing on The X Factor Week 8 – Video

Lloyd Daniels - Im Still Standing Video on The X Factor On this weeks X Factor, each contestant had to sing two songs, one by Elton John, one by Take That. One song had to be a ballad, while the other a little more up-tempo, to show the public that you had the vocal abilities, and the ability to put on a good performance with a production, dancers etc.

A lot of people criticised Lloyd Daniels – A Million Love Songs Performance – including me – but a lot of people are saying Lloyd’s second performance of the evening was much better.

I completely disagree. Lloyd had to sing I’m Still Standing, a massive hit by Elton John, and it was terrible. One thing i will agree on, is the song choice. Lloyd Daniels has a very soft voice, with a certain tone. I’m Still Standing was a good match, but that’s as far as it goes. His vocal was flat all the way through in my opinion.

As i said in my original post, Lloyd Daniels is in real trouble on The X Factor this week, and I think the predictions that he’ll be given the boot tomorrow could prove correct. I would go as far as to say that his vocal is ‘almost’ as bad as Jedward’s was.

How did you find Lloyd Daniels’ – I’m Still Standing Performance? Leave your comments below…

Judges Comments

Louis:Round 1, you kind of won me over. It just didn’t look like you were having a good time, and it was just a bit karaoke for me.

Dannii:Lyrically, you’re still proving a point there. A fantastic production. Vocally, it is still shaky, but better than the first song.

Simon:I thought that was a silly song choice. That retro routine didn’t suit you, it didn’t suit the song. It was like something from an amateur dramatics production. Cheryl, you are a pop star, you understand what’s right for the artist, what’s right for the song.

Cheryl:I’m very very proud of you for coming out and delivering each week after you get such hard criticism.

Lloyd Daniels – Im Still Standing on The X Factor


  1. Jenna (: says:

    i cant beleive llyods gone..!!

    he was by far betr than danyl.no doubt,,,
    he was sooo cute nd had an amazing voice,,
    i just hope dis wont b tha last we see of llyod,,

    ii Love Lloyd Daniels..


  2. Rosebud says:

    I thank Lucie, Joe and Lloyd 4 being in my top 3 that year.
    Lloyd's voice is very distinctive, which every1 likes, a bit of distinction.
    So much better than Olly & Stacey tho!
    Definately BETTER than the crap Jedward twins! God. I h8 Jedward so much (grrrr)!

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