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Lloyd Daniels Saved as Jamie Afro Voted Off The X Factor

Lloyd Daniels Saved as Jamie Afro Voted Off The X Factor

Jamie Afro Sunday night means only one thing to most people now. The X Factor Results Show.

This evening The X Factor contestants kicked off the show by murdering Queen’s biggest hit, Bohemian Rhapsody in a group performance. The only thing which made the performance any good was the fact that Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen actually performed half of the song with them, so hats off to the Queen boys for that!!

As the results came in, it was Jamie Archer and Lloyd Daniels in the bottom two. For the past three weeks running, Lloyd has been predicted as the act to go out, but all three weeks have proved incorrect.

Jamie Afro stuck with the theme of the week, choosing a Queen song for his sing-off performance, The Show Must Go On, while Lloyd Daniels sang Paolo Nutini’s Last Request.

Simon Cowell chose to save his own act, Jamie, while Cheryl did the same by saving her act, Lloyd. Louis Walsh chose to save Lloyd Daniels, which meant the deciding vote was down to Dannii Minogue. Her decision to save Jamie Archer meant we went into deadlock for the third week running on the show.

Up until this point, it was a dead certanty that Lloyd Daniels was going out, as he was clearly the worst act of the two, but the public vote saved him, allowing him to go through until next weeks show.

So was the public vote correct this week? Did Jamie Archer deserve the boot? Leave your comment below…


  1. Jennifer says:

    First of all cheryl cole told that its not important to save her act as long as the best performance is given by anyone and she broke her words because even she knows jamie archer may be not the better singer out of everyone but compared to lloyd daniels, he is way better singer and performer. second of all public vote isnt working this time at all as they are sending away all the best singers. Finally Louis Walsh as usual wanted no competition for him next time so he picked jamie archer to send home and his decision fails as always.

  2. @mar_ket says:

    Well I do agree that poor Lloyd is not a good singer but Cheryl could'nt send him home now could she could you if you were mentoring him and some one else was the better singer I dont think so I know I could'nt.Anyway I never liked Jamie Archer from the begining and I was all ready praying every week that he would sent home he is to me avery arrogent pig he as all ready said in so many words that he is sorted for work Well we will just have to watch this space wonte we.

  3. Rosebud says:

    It was about time one of Simon's acts got voted out. It was good that Lloyd was saved by the public vote again cuz Jamie and Rachel couldn't even hold a candle stick to Lloyd. Mwa haha!

  4. Rosebud says:

    Lucie, Joe and Lloyd were mentored by me last year as well as their 1st mentors. I picked the right 3 2 mentor :D

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