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Lloyd Daniels: The X Factor Live Show Week 2 Video

Lloyd Daniels: The X Factor Live Show Week 2 Video

Lloyd Daniels - The X Factor Week 2 Video This week, the theme on The X Factor was ‘Diva Week’, and with the celebrity guest being none other than Whitney Houston, it was most certainly applicable.

Unfortunately for our Lloyd Daniels, he has the looks, but so far has failed to impress the judges and the audience with his mediocre vocals and sub-par performances.

Again, unfortunately, he is a poor mans Joe McElderry. He could survive on his looks, but to be completely honest, he is unlikely to succeed when he has a voice like Joe McElderry’s in the competition. I personally do not see him as a finalist, do you?

The thing that i did respect about Lloyd Daniels this week, is he tried to be different. He chose a hard song, or rather his mentor chose the hard song, Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love. After his performance, Simon Cowell tore into his mentor, which actually made Cheryl Cole Cry on Live TV.

Lloyd Daniels – X Factor Week Two Performance

Judges Comments:

Dannii Minogue: I agree with Whitney, you have the most beautiful tone in your voice. You’ve got to push yourself every week to get those big moments.

Simon Cowell:You’re very very lucky that you’re cute and the chicks are going to love you. It’s like a mouse trying to climb a mountain. I’m going to put the blame for this on the girl to my right, who’s not working with you properly.

Cheryl Cole:I’m gonna take full responsibility for the song I gave you tonight. It was a tough week, it was a diva week (breaks down in tears at Simon’s criticism) and I hope I haven’t let you down. I’m sorry.

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