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Louis Walsh: 'Cheryl Cole Is Heading For Meltdown'

Louis Walsh: ‘Cheryl Cole Is Heading For Meltdown’

Louis Walsh on Cheryl Cole In a recent interview, Louis Walsh told of his fears that his fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is heading for complete meltdown.

In the interview, he dismissed rumours that Cheryl’s recent tears and downcast manner on The X Factor were caused by problems in her marriage, and instead blamed the Geordie stunners insatiable appetite for work.

The Irish music manager spoke out after seeing his fellow judge stressed out backstage during the current series of The X Factor. He said: “Cheryl has taken on a hell of a lot of work – and we are all very, very worried about her. She is doing this show, which she takes extremely seriously. On top of that she has her own music stuff going on.

He continued: “Cheryl is going to America shortly too, and next week she is filming her own show for ITV. So she has a lot on. She’s put loads of effort into launching her solo pop career too.

Louis insisted that Cheryl Cole’s marriage to footballer Ashley Cole was solid. He said: “People keep going on about that, but I can vouch for the fact that it is not. Ashley has been to the show on numerous occasions and he is a great source of support for her. When I’ve seen them together they look absolutely fine and in love.

Cheryl just wants to make a success of everything she does. Some may say she’s a workaholic. It’s an admirable way to be, but there comes a point when you can take too much work on. I’m so proud of what she has achieved. But there comes a point when you need to say enough is enough.”

Louis and co-judges Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue claim they’ve noticed how Cheryl has been breaking down more than she did during the last series. Louis went on: “We see a lot of Cheryl so we see when she is down. She is exhausted so we have all tried to be there for her, we try to make her happy.”

We have all put our arms around her and been there to support her. We might argue on-screen but backstage it’s different. I just hope she stops and takes a break once the show is finished. She definitely cannot do all the work she has got on next year. It’s not good for her.

Im a little torn when it comes to Louis comments. Im thinking, is Cheryl Cole really breaking down, and he is saying this out of genuine concern, or is his comments intended with malice, and all designed to grab a little more publicity for himself?

Looking in from the outside, Cheryl Cole looks to be coping quite well, but what she is like behind closed doors is anybody’s guess. What do you think guys? Leave your comments below…


  1. sophie says:

    well she is constantly trying to make everyone else happy and trying to make the best of her career so it wouldn't suprise me if she was completely worn out, poor hr she should seriously take a break x

  2. @Mystic_Pixie says:

    Louis Walsh has gone down a lot in my estimations in this seasons X Factor especially when he did the V sign to the audience it shows what he is really like and lets face it if he cared about Cheryl Cole why would he make it public about how she may or may not be feeling – not exactly caring is it and if Cheryl read this article would it really make her feel better I think not

  3. lara pledge says:

    bless her, i love her to pieces leave her alone people but she prob is fragile after her ordeal of what she has been in .

  4. Christopher McMillan says:

    Cheryl is fantastic she has done so well for her self she is going to make it big in the US soon. I think Cheryl needs to slow down and put her feet up more and relax. I love her so much and she will always be loved by everyone in the UK. The UK and Newcastle is her home forever.

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