Lucie Jones Looses Out to Jedward in X Factor Week 5

Lucie Jones Booted Off X Factor Well, well, well, tonight was a huge shock on The X Factor. Simon Cowell lost all credibility and as a result, Lucie Jones sensationally got booted out of the show in favour of John and Edward Grimes.

Lucie sang a beautiful version of One Moment In Time while Jedward performed Robbie Williams’ track, Rock DJ in the sing-off. It was all looking good for Lucie, as tens of thousands (including me) on twitter joined in saying goodbye to the twins. But as they say, it’s not over until the fat lady sings, and the fat lady this week happened to be Simon Cowell.

Jedward had two votes to leave the competition, with Cowell having the casting vote. If this had been down to pure talent, Lucie Jones should have danced off into the sunset, but Simon Cowell, or Simon Coward as he should be called, decided to go to deadlock, which sealed Lucie’s fate. John & Edward had more votes than Lucie, meaning she was off home.

As she was booted off The X Factor, she instantly jumped to the twins’ defence, saying: “I’m gutted by the boys deserve to be here, they work harder than anyone.” – NO LUCIE!! You deserve to be there, not them!!!

Cowell, who only three weeks ago made a big deal how he would be on the first jet out of Britain if the twins won the show, hailed their performance of the Hollywood soundtrack. “It was possibly more entertaining than anything you have done before. Well done.

Lucie Jones – One Moment In Time on The X Factor Week 5

Jedward – Rock DJ on The X Factor Week 5

So Lucie Jones got the boot on The X Factor Live Show Week 5 – Was it the right decision? Is Simon Cowell to blame for not making a decision based on the talent alone? Leave your comments below…


  1. funnybones7 says:

    I announce all Lucy fans to now switch their vote to Jedward.

    I am really disgusted with the farce of a show.
    Simon deserves the twins to win if that's the way he's gonna play. The other contestants should do ok from the show.

    I just want to see Simon with egg on his face. Lucy was just getting into her stride and could definatly have had an outside chance of winning!!!!

  2. Rosebud says:

    I just want Jedward out of this world. They come from URANUS. In fact, John comes from Simon's anus and Edward comes from Louis' anus. Beautiful, beautiful performance of 1 Moment in Time Lucie. U have the talent! What was up with the public as well? Lucie should have never been in the final showdown either. Should have been Jedward and Simon and they both get the boot. Ha, ha!!!!

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