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Nadine Jealous Of Cheryl's Success

Nadine Jealous Of Cheryl’s Success

Nadine and Cheryl We all know that Girls Aloud on a break at the moment so that all five of the girls can have a go at a solo career. Cheryl has been massively successful in her solo career receiving a number 1 single and album.

Sarah Harding is starring in St Trinians 2 which is out in the cinemas this Friday. Whilst Kimberley and Nicola seem to be using the break as a time to chill and not work. Nadine is off in LA but no body has heard a lot of her recently.

There have been rumors that Nadine doesn’t want to return to the band and wants to stay solo but due to a three album contract she has no choice. Nadine has admitted that she jealous of Cheryl’s solo success and also envies her as she has Simon Cowell, the biggest man in music, backing her.

Although Nadine admits she is jealous she claimed that she is still happy for her friend and told closer magazine “We’re not at war. I phoned her up after she performed on The X Factor to tell her how fantastic it was.” But she added: “I think anyone would be envious that Cheryl has Simon Cowell’s backing!

Nadine who’s solo album is being launched next year says although Cheryl has been working with Simon she is also please to be working with other big stars in the states.

Can Nadine reach Cheryl’s standards of fastest selling single of the year and it going straight to number one? we will have to wait and find out!


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I have always thought that Nadine is a little jealous of Cheryl.

    Yes, Nadine definitely has the better voice, but she comes across as very catty, is the only way i can describe it. Cheryl was always going to be the biggest success of the group once they went their separate ways, The X Factor has proved just how popular she is.

    If you have half of the country backing you (as Cheryl has), then your not going to be anything other than a massive success.

  2. Music Snob says:

    Cheryl Cole 3 words… LEARN TO SING!
    Half the counrty backing her?! Are you serious Andrew?! You mean half the Chav Nation that we seem to be deteriorating into…
    I hate her and everything she and Simon Cowell stands for!
    We're just drowning in a sea of talentless idiots…

  3. sophie says:

    i totally agree she knows she has the best voice but people who arn't girls aloud fans might not even know who she is :S

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Your name, 'Music Snob' is dead right.

    But to be honest, id rather you have typed "complete TWAT" as your name.

  5. sophie says:

    Clearly your deluded, She had a NUMBER 1 SINGLE AND ALBUM
    she is labeled THE NATIONS SWEETHEART i wouldn't quite associate that with chavs
    got it?

  6. marina says:

    ‘music snob’ if u r not a fan than wat the hell r u doing in a cheryl cole fan site wat a twat get a life.

  7. Hannah says:

    people who arent fans and comment horrible things really annoy me, its so sad that they spend there free time on a website they clearly have no interest in!
    and anyone who says that about cheryl is a complete twat anyway haha

  8. hana 01 says:

    lemme jus say that cheryl does hav a huge advantage……simon cowell wud and cud turn any hobo into a star!! but u dont realize that nadine has a lot of guts to go to a country where no one knos her and try to start a solo career! cheryl played it safe…..and wen her album came out even if noone bought her album…..all GA fans wud hv…..and thats alot! i wish nadine the best and hope she makes a breakthru into the US.

  9. chloe says:

    Nadine is just jealous of Cheryl because she think she is better xDB):o:):D

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