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No One's a Fan of The Frock Cheryl - X Factor Week 4

No One’s a Fan of The Frock Cheryl – X Factor Week 4

Cheryl Cole X Factor Dress Week 4

Potentially bad news for Ashley Cole last night, after his gorgeous wife, Cheryl Cole appeared on The X Factor, with what looked like a set of alloy wheels from one of his motors covering her assets.

What the hell was Cheryl wearing though? Her outfit was about the most rocking thing about Rock Week. The normally fashion-perfect Cheryl made a rare fashion faux pas sporting the bizarre fan-style dress.

The Girls Aloud star has become a real fashion icon this last 2 years, but she made a slip up last night in the £1,500 tube dress by designer David Koma.

The black skin-tight dress, which featured the bizarre tube detail snaking across her front, even had Simon Cowell passing comment. He warned Cheryl: “You’d better sit up in that dress.” When Cheryl asked why, Cowell said: “You’ll see why.

Within minutes of The X Factor starting, fans on twitter were voicing their distaste, with one fan saying: “Why is Cheryl wearing a set of alloy wheels on the front of her?

What did you think of Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Week 4 Dress?

Cheryl Cole Alloy Wheel Dress
Cheryl Cole Fan Style X Factor Dress


  1. ;adam says:

    why did simon say to cheryl to sit up in the dress?

  2. vinny says:

    the dress is awful, when she is sitting down it looks like she has a pair of alloy wheels or dustbin lids on her front! Does look marginally better when you see the whole thing, but that is only for about 5 seconds at the beginning!! Why do celebs always feel they have to wear something totally outrageous to stand out – very bad taste. I'm disappointed cheryl

  3. ;adam says:

    once again:
    why did simon say to cheryl to sit up in the dress?

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Because her boobs fell out of the dress, and were visible to the camera.

    Luckily for Cheryl, the camera operators switched to a different angle before the public actually got a shot of Cheryl Cole's breasts.

  5. JESSICA says:

    Just leave cheryl alone she can waer what she likes with a figure like her's. I liked it last night and she looks good in anything.

  6. molly says:

    coz he culd see her boobs

  7. Holly says:

    Jessica. No babes. Your just another cheryl bum licker.

  8. ;adam says:

    damn wish they had

  9. Andrew MacDonald says:

    lol, if you want to see Cheryl Cole's breasts, just checkout this post – http://cherylanncole.co.uk/cheryl-tweedy-n-i-p-s-

  10. sophie says:

    biggest fan of cheryl but not the biggest fan of this dress

  11. it's only a frock. what's the big deal. cheryl wants to wear a different frock so be it. obviously the frock it's not to everybody's liking. for me if cheryl is comfortable and happy to wear the frock, i'm happy too.

  12. Jesus! What idiots repeatedly say-why did simon tell cheryl to sit up. Dumbos! he could see her tits when she leaned forward.

  13. XxXxX says:

    Same. For once I ddin't like one of Cheryl's outfits! I normally love everything she wears!

  14. XxXxX says:

    Yeah but why the hell was he looking down there anyway!!!

    He could have respected Cheryl's privacy and said something to her discreetly when the cameras turned back to Joe! Or doesn't Simon do discreet? THEY WERE ON LIVE TELEVISION FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

  15. Connor says:

    lol he should have kept it to himself then not mention it on live TV

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