Official 2010 Cheryl Cole Calendar – Pics

Cheryl Cole 2010 Calendar This isn’t going to be a long post, I’ve written and posted around 12 articles on this website alone today, so this is just a quick update for your die-hard Cheryl Cole fans.

I’ve just found the Cheryl Cole Official 2010 Calendar has gone up for sale, and thought id bring you some of the pictures of the insanely gorgeous Cheryl Cole.

The official blurb from

Flushed with the success from her debut solo single, Cheryl Cole is looking to continue as the ‘lady of the hour’. Looking to all the world like the pop diva she is, dont miss out on her first ever official calendar. Pre-Order now, released 11/11/09


Cheryl Cole 2010 Official Calendar

Click a picture for larger preview.


  1. Hannah says:

    woops commented on the picture by accident
    thanks for all the articles today im defonately getting this calender she looks grogeous

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Aww thanks Hannah. It's really nice when a fan such as yourself thanks me for all the latest news or whatever.

    Makes it all worthwhile!! Thank you!! And yes, im also getting this calendar. She looks beautiful.

  3. willow says:

    cheryl is a fake bitch, everything about her is fake. fake nose fake tits fake voice, fake relationship to a gay man, fake personality, fake teeth, people write her songs for her, her voice is always digital. fake hair, yes thats a wig in the commercial. LMAO anyone remember how she beat tht toilet attendant up for being black. i love how thats suddenly forgotten and shes the nations sweet heart. she so gr8 i love her xx fake power 4ever and ever!

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    If you dont like Cheryl Cole, WHY the hell would you be wasting your own time in searching for, visiting and commenting on CHERYL COLE FANSITES???

    I sense a bit of jealousy.

  5. willow says:

    erm i just said i love her for being fake and fab. i want to look like her wen i grow up but i'll need my than my nose and teeth done haha. its nice to dream tho. shes fab.

  6. willow says:

    and i cant write songs like her but i suppose i could pay someone like her. who needs talent these days.

  7. willow says:

    just a plastic fab face and slack leggs.

  8. Andrew MacDonald says:

    You also said "Cheryl is a fake bitch", which is why i brought you up on your comment.

    Unfortunately for me, i didnt catch the last part of your comment where it said you love her, so i apologise!

  9. willow says:

    thts ok, i call ereyone a "bitch" when there fab. e.g tht bitch is fab.

  10. sophie says:


  11. I personally see her from a very low background and it doesn't matter what she wears, that comes out all the time. She is a beautiful girl, but perhaps it would be good for her not to show off so much, because she looks even cheaper. Juan

  12. i love cheryl cole.she’s my idol and my hero. she rocks and she’s not a fake bitch u r just jelous that she’s beautiful and ur not

  13. shut up

  14. marina says:

    WILLOW!!! what a stupid name get a life and grow up and she is defitenely not fake she takes care of her health.cheryl is the best and u r jst a jealous twat u needs to get a life. BITCH. U R THE FCKNG BITCH TWAT. hw can u be a cheryl cole fan, u dunt hav anything nice to say twat cow.x(luv chezza)

  15. frankie smales says:

    cheryl is one beautiful lady and do not deserve some of
    the comments about hating her and it is wrong on rudely
    judging a celebritie based on their looks and talents i think
    she's a pop queen and she is my queen because i adore
    her because hallelujah i have found my godess is cheryl
    and amen brothers and sisters and praise the lordess all
    heil to the queen cheryl people who disrespect her shame
    on you and amen all you cheryl cole fans and amen my fellow brothers and sisters
    and heil cheryl.

    frankie smales

    (cheryl cole fan)

  16. frankie smales says:

    hi andrew
    i agree with you that like being a football fan you either
    are a true fan or not and people should not be waisting
    drains on sources by leaving comments to sites like these
    in order to cause trouble which they should stamp on these
    people pretending to be a fan when clearly they are not .

    i am a true cheryl fan.


    frankie smales

    (cheryl cole fan)

  17. willow says:

    fake ass bitch

  18. Elizabeth says:

    what!!?? you're a fake bitch with a fake name to go with it. Her nose isn't fake, her tits aren't fake. You don't have proof do you? A fake voice? uhhumm what? if she doesnt have the voice, if she can't sing, then Louis wouldn't have chosen her to stay in the competition to get into Britain's biggest girl group back in 2002. Fake relationship and personality? have you met her? are you a friend of hers? If you don't know her personally, then stop judging her. You don't know who and how she is. If you don't luv her for who she is, then get your ass off this Cheryl FAN site. People luv her for a reason. people voted her as the nations sweet heart for a reason.

    luv you loads Cheryl xx.

  19. Elizabeth says:


  20. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Shut the fuck up Willow.

  21. Harriet says:

    how can people write this stuff when we dont no what you look like ??

    I LOVE CHERYL COLE shes gawjus

  22. amber says:


  23. AMBER says:


  24. i have ths calender. it brightens up my wall :)

  25. xtina says:

    i think you are allllllllll SAD !!!!!!! GET A LIFE man

  26. Normal Name says:

    You can't really talk when your name is Marina. I mean seriously, epic fail.

  27. Normal Name says:

    In all seriousness though, Cheryl is a bit of a twat :)

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