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Official Cheryl Cole Solo Website Launched by Polydor

Official Cheryl Cole Solo Website Launched by Polydor

Cheryl Cole Website Unless you’ve been in solitary confinement for the last 6 months, I’m sure you’ve have heard that Cheryl Cole has broken off from Girls Aloud for twelve months to concentrate on launching her solo career.

For many months, the only place to get information on Cheryl Cole as a solo artist has been on fan sites such as this one, but that’s all changed now. Cheryl Cole’s record label, Polydor has launched a brand new website to help promote Cheryl as a solo artist.

www.cherylcole.com currently has information on the launch of Cheryl’s debut solo album, as well as a few videos. The site was developed by Birmingham based digital creative agency Clusta. Although the website already has a little information on Cheryl and her solo career, its not due to go live until October 19th 2009, which will coincide with the launch of Cheryl’s debut single, Fight for this Love.

The website aims to complete Cheryl Cole’s official branding as a solo artist and will allow fans to post their own comments on the official content at the site. The website will also feature a ton of Cheryl Cole Pictures, some of which were taken by renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight, who was paid £100,000 per day to photograph Cheryl. The photographs taken by Nick Knight will take centre-stage throughout the site, showcasing Cheryl’s status as a style icon.

In addition to Cheryl Cole Photos, there will be a directory of fashion retailers to buy clothing which will help users recreate Cheryl’s stunning look.

A spokesman for Polydor Records said of the new website: “Clusta has created a beautiful site, with each detail reflecting Cheryl’s personality. It will also provide a new source of information for Girls Aloud fans and also attract new Cheryl fans. Therefore it is essential that Cheryl’s communications show that she will stay true to her position in the band as well as creating her own solo identity, and Clusta has created a site which will do just that.

www.cherylcole.com will officially launch on the 19th October 2009.


  1. amy ullah says:

    loving the idea !! <3

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Thanks Sophie, i take that as a compliment for this website. :-)

  3. sophie says:

    this one will be better because they wont goss any stuff about her on that one haha

  4. cheryl is fit

  5. kelsey says:

    hey cheryl its kelsey here from cork…
    ur my idol since you stared out..hope you never stop doing what your doing, your a really good singer..!!
    hope you have a concert sometime..

    love kelsey..xxx

  6. davina says:

    cheryl cole u rock. u are so pretty and kind. by far the best judge on the x factor. i luv your new album fight for this love rocks. well done for number 1 single for 2 weeks running. u dress really nice and u look nice every week on the x factor.

    luv ya u rock and are my style icon.xx

  7. karly ayre says:

    cheryl ur the best
    u do look rly nice on the x factor every week
    well done
    i hope u win this year

  8. harry says:

    CHERYL'COLE hii how you been just to let yuu noo that your amazingly pretty you are the best looking lady that i could no off anyway your the best ever i would love to come see you because your like my biggest fan and your my hero i mean it really well hope you write backk love you and your songs and i have all your songs and posters and calenders and books love from harry'=]

  9. Sarah Quinn says:

    Omg i hope this is really you cheryl !
    I just want to say i love you and well done on winning the x factor two years in a row :D
    you are the prettiest person like EVER !
    i really want to meet you !
    well i'd love to even just see u in conert wth my friend kellie ( she LOVES you to bits aswell ) but everytime i try to get tickets they get sold out to quickly !
    i really want to live in england so i could ring you on the x factor !
    when i'm old enough i hope to go for the x factor so i could see you :D
    sorry if i start crying if i ever get to meet you its only VERY VERY happy tears :D
    your my idol and always will be :D
    lots and lots of love
    Sarah (dublin)

  10. you are the best in the hole wourld love you so much
    will all ways loveeeeee uuuu

  11. Richard mcnaughton says:

    well i sorry to hear that cheryl and here man but why do men do this and think they can cover up .Well i feel that cheryl should get him out and find the right guy how will love her and not going behind after other woman

  12. Sweetheart, I know you won't even know this comment has been posted, let alone read it, but just to say that my thoughts are with you. Don't let him win, you can't forgive him again, you have given him too many chances already. I would give you a cuddle if I could, you are a strong girl, and you will get through.
    Let the job take your mind off things. Love Mary xx

  13. hey galllllll’im sooooooooooooooooo luvin ur latest im mean its officialy da BEST.you/ve got da looks the voice and all of ur fans and family backing u up who could want any more gal
    always luvin ya
    mary ur no.1 fan

  14. ur soooooooooooo totally tru i mean why give this man another chance when he’s
    just playin wit u trust me ur gonna find some1 soon and look back and say he’s history .
    ur sooooo beautiful man u can win any1 over with ur looks let alone ur lovely personality
    always luvin ya

  15. Michael says:

    Hi cheryl jus sayin forget that bum you are absolutley stunning just take your time do what you want to do and just be yourself thats why people love you.so take it easy chuck can i just say any man lucky enough to have you in there lives should count there blessings everyday thats all eally mike from manchester

  16. sharon says:

    hi cheryl, i know he is a pratt, ie your husband, but I am a great believe in second chances and marriage, god knows he does not deserve you, but i think this time with the humiliaton and exposure, he will sort himself out. dont give into these skanks who have sold their stories and let know one make your decision about your marriage except you, please speak to him and then make your mind up, i know you really love him and he doees too and that love is too strong just to throw away overnight – good luck in whatever you decide, your fans will always be there for you and respect what ever you decide – fight for your love

  17. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Sharon second chances are all well and good, but where do you draw the line???

    Cheryl gave Ashley a second chance when he cheated on her two years ago. Now FOUR more women have come forward claiming to have slept with him.

    Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but if she took him back this time, based on the amount of women he has slept with, wouldn't that be his fifth chance?

    And imagine for a moment if she DID take him back. She would loose ALL respect from the public, who would all label her as a complete doormat who is willing to put up with ANYTHING Ashley throws at her.

    Cheryl is a strong women, and as a poll on The Sun's website shown, out of nearly half a million votes, only 40,000 of them said she should give him a second chance. Just FOUR a percent.

    She made the right decision 

  18. Rheanne says:

    Heyy Cheryl. I think your absoloutly fabulous & you dont need Ashley, hell soon realise what hes missing :). Men are assholes ! You are my idol tbh, cant wait to see you on xfactor again, and i love your new song Parachute, its awesome. Anyway all the best my love, you dont need men !
    Rheanne from Glasgow :D

  19. Dear Cheryl,
    I left a few messages for you on myspace, i hope you got them okay,
    I not an expert on life but i do know that you deserve so much better for yourself,
    I can imagine that relationships can be difficult when both of you are away from each other a lot of the time, but isn't that the real test of true love, love is about many things and trust is a big part of it.
    Real love should be unconditional from both sides.
    You deserve unconditional love,

    you will always have a friend here if you need to talk, i am a great listener.
    lots of love

  20. Megan says:

    Hi Cheryl, just wanted to leave a comment to say you are amazing and I'm going through what you are with your boyfriend at the moment and it gives me that little bit of strength knowing that someone like you is experiencing the same thing :)
    Best of luck in whatever happens
    Lots of Love xxxx

  21. rhiannon says:

    yea i lllllllllllooooooooooovvvvveeee u u r the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. rhiannon says:

    agree wiv everythin!!!!haha

  23. leanneparker says:

    Hi Cheryl my name is leanne parker and i am 10 years old. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and i want you to know that i will always support you and be there for what your going through.I have been singing for 2 years and have had very good comments ,ie academy arts and singing solo,with all of your experience do you know anyone who could put me on the right track for singing solo by myself.Hope you sort things out with Ashely and if you have time text me back on DeanParker26@bt.internet.com,with all my love leannexxx.

  24. Wasimraja says:

    if you are searching for a man, then i am the right one. I am Wasimraja. U can contact me anytime before 12 in the morning. I am based in India. A fan in India. Lets see how things work.

  25. does any1 know who did cheryls porcelain veneers????

  26. Cheryl can you please give me he contact number for the company that did ur Veneers please.

  27. ingrid says:

    Cheryl your my fravoute popstar my sister tried to add you on facebook but it dint work.Why was Asheley cheatin on you??????


  29. hi cheryl how ru i love u soo much ur soo ift any man will be lucky to see you xxxx

  30. hiii

  31. grace porter says:

    neeeeeeed ur v

  32. Becky1997 says:

    I heard that Cheryl has Malaria I soo Hope she gets better
    Cheryl is the best singer ever

  33. tyrell says:

    hay babe are you ok

  34. Becca says:

    we love u cheryl xxx

  35. hey cheryl i am one of your biggest fans i love you so much good songs

  36. winston churhill loves you to bits hope you reply love yar

  37. cheryl i really hope you do a solo tour soon! i would love to come and watch you:D

  38. Laura says:

    where can i get Cheryl Cole’s dress she wears at the end of her recent Loreal advert?

  39. My dear lady, u are a beauty, charming, smilling, kind whatelse except jelous frm others u are so beautiful no doubt abt it i wish my daughter was lyke u ! great u, never dispair in ur endeauvours i think u are the only posh lady i know thanx be to GOD DEMMY

  40. Hannah Dewhirst says:

    hello cheryl, well done in creating your sucess and i hope you keep releasing brilliant albums. Also while i am leaving you this message, i am an entrepreneur who provides top quality skincare products and i know you take great pride in your appearence and look after your skin,feel free to email me when you get time out of your busy schedule at hannahdewhirst67@yahoo.com and i will send you a brochure to browse through,all the best Hannah Dewhirst x

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  42. Jacqueline fingleton says:

    i really hope this is you my son richard adores you he is down syndrom his 21st first is coming up on the 12 of june xxx

  43. sophiehabbis says:

    i wish i was like her

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