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Our Very Own Sophie Smith and Hannah Goodall Play Dress-Up - LOLz!!!!!!

Our Very Own Sophie Smith and Hannah Goodall Play Dress-Up – LOLz!!!!!!

I find myself, sat here in front of the computer on a Sunday evening, forcing myself not to write ANOTHER Ashley Cole Scandal post…. by the way, a fifth girl has come out of the woodwork claiming to have slept with him now too!!!

Anyways, with nothing else to write, i thought id do something a bit more comical. Sophie Smith and Hannah Goodall, both very good writers from this website, have absolutely no idea im about to publish these pictures, so im sure i’ll get slaughted for it, but the laughs are just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Im not sure what exactly the girls were dressing up for, but checkout these pictures…. LOL!! Soz Hanz, Soz Soph xxx

Don’t be fooled by her cute, innocent looking puppy dog eyes…

Hannah Goodall doing her head-tilting thingy-majigy again…


This one courtesy of Sophie herself…

Sophie goes 1960′s on us…

And last but not least…

Sorry Girls. My finger hit the publish button by accident…. honest!!!


  1. sophie says:


  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Nah you don't ;-)

  3. Dawn Stock says:

    I think you are a genius Andrew lol, love the photo's of my fave cheerleaders lmao xxx

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    LOL. Thanks Dawn!! :)

  5. sophie says:

    dawn this is an embarrasment get off the website haha

  6. Hannah Goodall says:

    omg this is hilarious andy kinda embarasssing but seriously majorr lollzzz

  7. Hannah Goodall says:

    thank God you didnt get hold of the chav ones hahah

  8. sophie says:

    I’m sending him them tonight hehe

  9. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Cheers Soph Soph. lol

  10. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I half expected you two to go mad. lol.

    As i said, i couldnt be bothered to write another Ashley post, and my wicked sense of humour and your dodgy pictures gave me the perfect amunition for a late-week Lolzz session!!! ;);)B););)

  11. Hannah Goodall says:

    erm sophie please none really embarassing

  12. sophie says:

    okay i wont do the ones that are TOOOO embarrasing hehe ;)

  13. Hannah Goodall says:

    you better not and by the way i need to talk to you bout something so text me when your on msn

  14. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Awww i was looking for the embarrasing ones. Killjoys :P lol.

    Ive got another one of Hannah from Nicola on FB. lol

  15. sophie says:


  16. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Well it's not me, so she must be talking to you ;)

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