Poll: Did Lucie Jones Deserve the X Factor Boot

lucie jones x factor OK guys, seems like Simon Cowell has caused a huge amount of controversy this evening after he took the decision to let the public decide who would leave The X Factor during week 5 of the popular show.

Jedward and Lucie Jones were in the final two, as voted for by the public, now it was down to the judges. It all looked good for Lucie, as the twins received two votes to leave the show, with the deciding vote coming from Simon COWARD!!

Rather than sending the pair home, and saving the better singer (Lucie Jones), he let the decision go to deadlock, which resulted in Lucie Jones getting the boot. But we are asking, did Lucie Jones deserve the boot?


  1. jlt1971 says:

    x factor tonight as an absolute disgrace will never watch this programme again!!!!!!!!total farce and fix, do the producers think the british publics heads button up the back??????thought this was all about people that could actually sing…..obviously not!!!!!!!

  2. funnybones7 says:

    I announce all Lucy fans to now switch their vote to Jedward.

    I am really disgusted with the farce of a show.
    Simon deserves the twins to win if that's the way he's gonna play. The other contestants should do ok from the show.

    I just want to see Simon with egg on his face. Lucy was just getting into her stride and could definatly have had an outside chance of winning!!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    omg im so gutted. Lucie did so so so well on saturday AND for her survival song. WTF IS WRONG WITH SIMON?!! IS HE RETARDED? HE'D RATHER SEE THE BOYS? he shouldn't be a judge for this year, he can't see whose good and whose bad. I thought he said he hated Jedward and said he would be devastated if they won, how the fuck can he send Lucie home? UGHHH SO FUCKING PISSED, I feel like crying, Simon should know he just lost a great great talent.

  4. connor says:

    X Factor Stars Lucie Jones and Laura White wowed audiences in Stockport on Wednesday night at the Merseyway Shopping Centre Christmas Light celebrations. It was Lucie’s first live performance since her controversial exit from The X Factor this week. Check out the footage here http://industrymusicgroup.co.uk/laura-white/lucie

  5. Rosebud says:

    There's a lot of love in the room 4 Lucie. "I HATE SIMON COWELL!"
    but why didn't people vote 4 her that night? I did. "I HATE JEDWARD"
    Jedward are the most stupid boys I've ever seen in my life. They're even as
    stupid as some of the boys who are in the same year as me. Even I
    complained when Lucie was voted out. Jedward's mentor is the WORST judge!
    I'd like 2 c a picture of Cheryl and Lucie cuz I really like both of them

  6. Rosebud says:

    The same year as me as in (year 11). I fall out with a lot of year 11s

  7. Rosebud says:

    Ok. I won't be in year 11 for very long now!
    Lucie's a winner 2 me. I was crying when she got voted off.
    Mum wasn't very happy with Simon either.

  8. Rosebud says:

    I wish John and Edward would die! Lucie is so, so, so better than them. What was Mr Coward thinking? Lucie could have been the 3rd female winner. She had more potential than any girl in the competition. Cuz she lost out 2 John and Edward I ain't going 2 the tour. I was 1 of those 3,000 people who complained. As I said on the 1st comment I sent. The show wasn't any use with Stacey STINKY Solomon as the only girl on the show. Lucie should have been the last of the girls. I refused 2 watch the X Factor the next week despite the fact I had a 2nd and a 3rd favourite act on the show. I had 3 favourite acts. John and Edward r my least favourite. They are FAT IDIOTS!

  9. Rosebud says:

    Should X Factor be on anymore? VOTE!!!!

  10. Rosebud says:

    Fuck u Simon. Coward! U HAD 2 SAVE LUCIE! Life is really all about me and I HATE Jedward so much!!! I voted 4 Lucie about 7 hours before she was voted off by ur silly mistake. I shouted "I HATE YOU ALL!" and cried when Lucie was eliminated. Stacey is a show off. U should like Lucie better. Can't believe u critisised her performance of My Funny Valentine. Cheryl loved it so much. HOW DARE U think she was annoying. Lucie, Lloyd and Joe are very talented. Just cuz u have never been talented like them b4. Hope this makes u feel bad!

  11. Rosebud says:

    Louis didn't deserve any acts. He's so stupid and he can't put the right people thru. DICKHEAD! Simon is CRAP cuz Lucie sang and Jedward sucked. It's a singing competition not a talent contest for those cock-sucking Jedward twins. In 2007 on week 1, it was Alisha and Kimberly in the bottom 2 and Simon said "bearing in mind it's a SINGING COMPETITION. I'm sending Kimberly home". Cheryl's the best judge in the world. I have something else 2 add 2 this………

  12. Rosebud says:

    LUCIE…. Please do an album!!!! I would buy it in no time flat… U RULE!!!!!! I never voted against u. I always voted 4 u cuz u being in the competition made me smile. In fact when u, Lloyd and Joe were in the competition it made me smile cuz I am ur 2nd mentor and ur my 3 acts. I wonder what songs will be on LUCIE'S ALBUM?! So pleased 2 hear Lucie is enjoying the modelling very much!

  13. Rosebud says:

    Lucie's 1 moment in time was such a beautiful, beautiful performance, so y did Louis, Simon & Jedward fans vote her off??? I voted 2 save her and so did my friends & Cheryl & Dannii. We r the Lucie lovers!!! LUCIE, LUCIE, LUCIE!

  14. Rosebud says:

    Get that big fucker Simon and Asshole wanker Louis Walsh off the show so there is no more X Factor! I am still really mad about Simon saving the twins over Lucie. It shouldn't have happened!!!

  15. OllyMurs1 says:

    All of my fucking favourite are always in the fucking bottom 2

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