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Queen to Appear on The X Factor This Weekend *Scream*

Queen to Appear on The X Factor This Weekend *Scream*

Queen on The x Factor OK i know you guys are going to think i am totally barmy, but I’ve just heard that Queen will indeed be making an appearance on The X Factor this weekend in association with the theme of the week being ‘Queen Week’.

As one of the biggest Queen fans in the world, I’m really quite excited about them appearing on the show. (Call me sad in the comments area below.)

But this just shows that The X Factor, and Simon Cowell are really pulling out all the stops this year with live guest performances. After the announcement today that music legends Brian May and Roger Taylor are to perform on this Sundays show, I’m in a state of shock.

BUT, despite being excited about Queen’s appearance, I am quite worried about it. I don’t know what I’m more baffled by. Music legends appearing on a small television show, or the fact Simon Cowell is willing to let Brian and Roger witness John and Edward Grimes murder another Queen hit.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited to witness the crazies that are John and  Edward attempt the opera-style vocal acrobatics made famous by the late Freddie Mercury. I mean, I know we complain about them still being on the show, but who isn’t looking forward to seeing what they do next? (Despite me physically hating them!!).

And Queen are not only performing on the show this weekend, but guitarist Brian May, 62 and drummer Roger Taylor, 60, have spent the week coaching each of the acts in preperation for performances from Queen’s back catalog of music. To see who is singing what, checkout The X Factor Queen Week Songs Revealed.

Anybody looking forward to Queen on The X Factor?


  1. sophie says:

    i couldent be more dissapointed that they are coming on the show.
    seriously there 60!!!!!

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Yeah they might be 60, and they may well be from 20 odd years ago, but i feel as they are music legends, part of one of the biggest bands ever created, they have a lot of knowledge that The X Factor contestants could take on board to help them in their musical career.

    As i have pointed out in the article, im a huge fan of Queen, so i am slightly biased, but nobody can deny they are music legends, and that is why the contestants could gain a lot of knowledge from these guys, who have had 45 years in the entertainment business, and are still touring to this very day.

  3. shakira's on aswelllll:D

  4. shona says:

    Im so glad Queen are coming on X Factor. they should have been n the panel. Looking forward to seeing X Factor. Shame Freddie wasnt here with them. Excellent band. And to sing like Freddi is going to take some beating. The only one close to singing one of the Queen song excellent was George Michael on Somebody to love. Looking forward to it.

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