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Rage Against The Machine Beat Joe McElderry to Xmas Number 1

Rage Against The Machine Beat Joe McElderry to Xmas Number 1

Well, its a battle we have been tracking all week. Since Joe McElderry won The X Factor last week, there has been a chart battle going on between Joe and heavy metal group, Rage Against The Machine. Ever since The X Factor hit our screens 6 years ago, the winner has always got a Xmas number one single. It has become a tradition, but this year, an enthusiastic group of Facebook fans setup a campaign to deny The X Factor winner the chance to hit the number one spot.

The campaigners were asking everybody to buy a Rage Against The Machine track, ‘Killing In The Name‘, which was originally released in 1992, and features excessive swearing. Joe McElderry - The Climb clocked up 450,000 sales, while the RATM track sold more than 500,000 copies.

Upon the chart announcement, an official RATM website said: “We did it! Rage Against The Machine is Xmas Number One. We’ve shown that we can make a difference and that you don’t have a right to number one just because Simon Cowellsays so, especially with a bad cover! Finally I would like to say thank you to all of you, we’ve raised £64,726.oo for Shelter, a charity which makes a real difference to peoples lives.”

“We gotta take the power back – Rage Against The Machine – Merry Christmas.

All week the heavy metal rock band led the race for the top spot, but their lead slipped after the physical release of Joe McElderry - The Climb, on Wednesday. By Friday, Rage held the advantage by just 9,000 copies, but by Saturday that lead increased to 50,000, which was enough to hit the top chart position.

Martin Talbot of the Official Chart Company said: “Congratulations to Rage Against The Machine on their Number One – as we have seen in recent years, overhauling any X Factor winner in the race for the Christmas Number One is no mean achievement. The popular support we have seen for the record this week has been truly amazing – and handed them two all-time records.

But congratulations too should also go to Joe McElderry. In taking the Number Two spot, he has still achieved one of the highest weekly sales of any single this year – in almost any other year, 450,000 copies would have given him the Christmas Number One. Through this week, these two tracks have accounted for more than 950,000 single sales, a fact which is truly remarkable.”

In taking the title for 2009, Killing In The Name set two landmarks. Firstly it became the UK’s first download-only Christmas Number One single, and it notched up the biggest one-week download sales in British chart history. And something else it has started, is this campaign will happen again each and every year from now on. Now they have managed to deny The X Factor winner the number one Christmas single this year, they will try the same thing next year.

The question is this. Can Simon Cowell and The X Factor do anything to ensure the winner takes the number one spot? Comments below please…

Rage Against The Machine: Killing In The Name – Christmas Number 1


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Simon's gonna do something. He's one of the biggest man in music he won't just sit down and watch this happen.

  2. katie x says:

    ^ i agree i am so gutterd he neva gt it =[

  3. damn straight!!!! why do we give simon soo much power and say!! c'mon ppl! watever happened to thinking for urself!! y do u intend on making this man as rich as oprah??

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