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Rage Against The Machine Outselling Joe McElderry's Single

Rage Against The Machine Outselling Joe McElderry’s Single

Joe McElderry Christmas Number One OK, In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard, there is a campaign going on as we speak to deny Joe McElderry the opportunity for a Christmas number one single with his new song, The Climb. Simon Cowell made reference to the campaign last week on The X Factor, insisting it was ridiculous.

But the campaign has gained some serious traction, with nearly 1 million people joining the Facebook Fan Page for the campaign. The campaign is trying to get a Rage Against The Machines song into the Christmas number one spot, and its a campaign which is currently succeeding. Both acts are going head-to-head this week, and for the first time, the rock band are outselling The X Factor winner.

According to Amazon, Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine is currently accounting for 50.3% of sales, with Joe McElderry’s – The Climb falling slightly behind at 49.7%. Spokesman for Amazon, Julian Monaghan said: “The lead continues to change and it looks like it will go down until the very last minute before we know who the winner in this chart battle will be.

Should Rage Against The Machine take the number one spot, it will be the most unlikely Christmas number one single in UK music chart history,” said Monaghan. He continued: “Killing in the Name would certainly be an interesting addition on the track list of the Christmas compilation albums that come out each year.

So are you part of this campaign to stop Joe McElderry reaching the number one spot? Have you bought Joe McElderry’s Single? Leave your comments below…


  1. WeLoveChezza<3 says:

    Whoever is trying to ruin Joe's dreams are twats.
    How amazing would it be to go from nothing to having a christmas number 1 ?
    its an xfactor tradition and the people who are ruining this are idiotic jealous losers
    i love you joe x

  2. manufactured karaoke like this is part of the problem of modern societies vacous love of celebrity, x-factor is for sheep with no imagination of there own.
    cheryl cole is hot in her video despite having to watch it with the sound off.

  3. Unfortunately karaoke singers have managed to secure xmas number 1 for the last four years, it would be nice to get some songwriters to the number 1 spot!

    The latest karaoke winner, whatever his name is, will be famous for about 6 months and then fade into obscurity, whereas Rage Against The Machine are widely regarded as one of the most politically and musically influential bands of the 90s.

  4. katie x says:

    i fink it is stuiped them duin this bu joes single is in shops on wednesdai so then will prob sell quite a bit bu the song it crap anyway n i hope joe gt it coz he deserves it coz if they did they wud of gt it lyk 10 yrs ago

  5. Ben05 says:

    ^ I agree, the song chosen for the winner to sing this year is AWFUL! Isn't it a Miley Cyrus song? crap crap crap.

    Hopefully Rage Against The Machine will get to number one instead, the song 'Killing In The Name' is an absolute classic – all about standing up to injustice and consumerism!

  6. katie x says:

    i didnt mean joes song was crap i ment the ratm is crap its awful

  7. Ben05 says:

    Oh right, well you should listen to the winner's song this year. Its even worse than that! I think its a cover of Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears or someone. They should have chosen a cover that was good musically.

    i know exactly what you mean though Katie – I didn't manage to watch any of Britain's Got Karaoke this year (I wish I had, I really liked Susan Doyle when she did it) but I'm hoping Joe McBerry will start writing his own music instead of singing Miley Cyrus!

  8. I liek xfacta betta then the rage machin but dey r both gud nd i like joe he shud win xfacta not rage machiien but maybe rage machien cud win it next time x

  9. Kayleigh says:

    I Have brought his single, and he deseves every right to become nuber 1 it is his dream, i dont understand, dont rage against joe rage agaist simon cowell if anyone, but you shouldent, the people who are doing it would not like it to happen to them, cmon guys buy it for 99p on i tunes!!!!!! love you team cole x x x

  10. Miles says:

    All I have to say is that I think Joe is indeed a very talented singer and that he definitely deserved to win this years X-Factor. However, I think his song choice is absolute rubbish. The Climb is really a terrible song and I can't stand to listen to it for more than 3 seconds. No song like that should ever make it to number 1 and that is why I have purchased a copy of Rage Against the Machines "Killing In The Name Of" in protest. And seeing that this is Cheryl's website, I would also like to add, I bet it wasn't her decison to pick such a bad song, I can only assume that it was Simon's. But why should Simon have chosen Joe's song when it was Cheryl that mentored him all the way through the competition? None of Simons acts won, so why should he choose the song? I'm sure if Cheryl had chosen it, it would have been a million times better than the Climb and it wouldn't have given so much fuel to the fire of this whole Rage protest movement !!!

  11. Justice says:

    Cheryl didn't chose th song because it has sod all to do with her, Simon's record label, Cheryl's just the young pretty face for the show, fuck knows what that little Irish hobbit is doing on there.

    Great to see that even some of you X Factor whores (no pun intended on this site) find Joe's song as hard to listen to as your mother getting raped by Boris Johnson, time to unite, and show we're sick of getting sold plastic rubbish by people who don't even know what a fucking chord is.

  12. Andrew MacDonald says:

    The only hobbit on this website is you, ya plank!!!

  13. Pete H says:

    Justice is just ridiculous…like saying a bunch of adjective and then forcing us to read about the idea of our Mother's rape isn't a good argument…
    infact its childish and the exact stereotype that will make joe number 1.

    Having said that, incredible movement and its about time someone stood up to Simon Cowell and his ridiculously bad song choice. Year after year I never buy the single because its awful, yet they brainwash us saying it will be number one over and over again.
    It's not fair to Joe, but he has a whole future, its much more important that we explain to Simon that we won't just buy the track because we enjoyed the show!!!…mile cyrus?cop on!…and hallelujah was awful too…and all the others beforehand!

    I'll route for Joe out of kindness, but the movement is excellent.
    ps. Louis is not a leprechaun or a hobbit, neither of them actually exist. He's just a gay old man from Ireland. And we love him!

  14. Andrew MacDonald says:

    "He's just a gay old man from Ireland. And we love him!"

    LOL, that made me laugh!!!

  15. Andrew MacDonald says:

    "He's just a gay old man from Ireland. And we love him!"

    LOL, that made me laugh!!!

  16. Kickme says:

    screw him and screw X-factor hope RATM wins

  17. kickme says:

    X-factor tradtion my hairy arse. Nothing but badly performed karaoke. hope RATM wins.

  18. Jelisa Baptiste says:

    Joeeph's dreams are bount to come true and who so ever wants to crash his dreams will never get the oppertunity to do it because God is looking over him and will surely maker his dreams come true.

  19. he's a good singer…..but i wud hv never chosen him to win the x factor….
    and jus because its a tradition to hv the christmas no.1 says nothing!!! so what! if its a tradition every other artist must make themselves less popular to give joe a chance?? if that is soo then it wud hv jus proven why shud not hv won the thing in the first place!!!

  20. Joe McElderry. Never heard of Rage Against The Machine, and anyway I prefer pop music with a decent tune instead of screaming to a random beat. Completley pointless when no-one can understand what they're supposed to be singing.
    Anyway, Joe HAS got a No.1 single, because he overtook RATM in the New Year charts!!! HA! In your face, Rage supporters. :p :p :p

  21. BOYLE and McELDERRY, not DOYLE and McBERRY. People can't exactly change their surnames that easily (unless a female gets married) so stop slagging them off! My surname means 'a measure of herring' and I don't think you can get much worse than that so stop making fun of people with at least a semi-decent surname. It's just not fair.

  22. Simon chose the winner's single when there were still 5 acts left in the competition, so he had to chose a song that all of them could sing as he had no idea which one was going to win!!! I have to say though it suits Joe's voice to a T.

  23. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Simon knew EXACTLY who was going to win.

    You have to remember that he was the only judge who had the benefit of knowing exactly how many phone votes each contestant was getting each week. From that, he can gauge who is likely to be the winner of the show, and chose the song to fit that person.

    Why do you think Olly Murs' version of the winners single was soooo crap? Because the song wasn't picked for his vocal style. it was much more suited to Joe and Stacey.

  24. XxXxX says:

    How was I supposed to know? I thought that Olly's version of the song was really good actually.

  25. XxXxX says:

    Forgot to add that Olly was SIMON'S act, surely he would have been biased towards Olly, not Joe and Stacey?

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