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Rebecca Ferguson Tried to Have Cheryl Cole Replaced

Rebecca Ferguson Tried to Have Cheryl Cole Replaced

Rebecca Ferguson Well, it didn’t take long for the claws to come out. According to reports, X Factor’s hopeful Rebecca Ferguson has had it with her star mentor Cheryl Cole. The reason being she’s not getting enough attention from Cheryl.

Rebecca was reported to be quite desperate about the whole thing and even pleaded Louish Walsh — in the dressing room — to take over the role of being her mentor. One source said that Rebecca was getting very anxious and worried that Cheryl spent more time with her other acts — Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel. The latter was of course just got booted. This despite the fact that the pop star, who is allegedly planning to move to the US, said that Rebecca has a great voice.

As for her desperate attempt to go to Louis Walsh, it was simply because Louis, several times in the past, has said that he’s a big fan of Rebecca. While it is not possible for him to replace Cheryl and become the hopeful singer’s mentor, due to the strict rules, he did gave Rebecca some good advice and helped restore her confidence.
After the news spread — Rebecca wrote on her Twitter account that she love Cheryl and not to believe everything that the paper publishes. Oh Rebecca, you shouldn’t really mess with UK’s currently hottest pop star.


  1. ThatOne says:

    Absolute and utter nonsense. I even know who your “source” was for this, so just hold your hands up, publish this comment and apologise, please.

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