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Rhydian Roberts: "Sack Cheryl Cole!!!"

Rhydian Roberts: “Sack Cheryl Cole!!!”

Rhydian Roberts to Sack Cheryl Cole I must say it’s a guilty pleasure for me when I hear Rhydian Robert’s music! After loosing on The X Factor 18 months ago, he went on to be offered a £1 million record deal, and recently released his album. But I may just scrap my love of Rhydian after i heard he wants Cheryl Cole sacked from the show.

Rhydian Roberts – possibly the most pompous and cocky man in the world after Simon Cowell – has called for Cheryl Cole to be sacked by Simon from The X Factor.

The former contestant thinks that Simon hired Cheryl Cole based on her looks, rather than on her musical experience. I must say, I have a sneaky feeling that may well be correct, but even so, he has got a nerve!!

Rhydian recently told News of The World: “She’s not a great singer and being a judge isn’t the hardest job in the world. You sit there and tell people when a note is flat. Cheryl’s eye candy. Simon’s the only judge people care about.

Unsurprisingly, he may have a motive in his comments, offering to take on a judges role in the show: “I’d do it for what they get paid.

Excuse the swear words people, but FUCK OFF Rhydian!!! Cheryl Cole is staying! End of story.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    ughhh shut up! how dare he say Cheryl's not a good singer. if she isn't a good singer, Louis wouldn't have chosen her to stay and join a girl band back in 2002. If she's isn't a good singer, i wonder why her single was #1 for 3 weeks, i wonder why her album was number one. It's not like you're a great singer. if you were good, you would've won. but you didnt did you? so SHUT UP. CHERYL IS STAYING. Simon knows what he wants. if he asked Cheryl to join, there must be a purpose. SHUT UP ASSHOLE. if you think you're so good, go make our own fucking show, but guess what. no one will watch it cuz you're talentless.

    luv you cheryl :D:D

  2. Lirva_Engival says:

    no need to get nasty Elizabeth…Rhydian has the right to an opinion
    and that's all it is – an opinion!
    i disagree with him though… X Factor wouldn't be the same without Cheryl
    imo if she leaves it will be because she has other things to do
    but sacked?…no way!

  3. sophie says:

    OMG !!!
    What an idiot! Firstly she can sing maybe she doesn’t have the best voice in the worl but she can sing !
    Secondly if he think simon is the only important judge then why does it matter who else is on thepannel with him?
    And thirdly, is he saying danii and louis and simon can sing ?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    i agree with you 100%. i was so pissed off when i read this

  5. marina says:

    he should really shut up because he hasn’t been that famous lately stupid fucking asshole twat.

  6. britney says:

    fair point

  7. Ha! Cheryl just got owned! hahaha, i find that funny too be honest. She iss gawjuss but there iff more gawjuss women out there such as 'Dannii Mingoue, Nadine Coyle and moree!' I meann, yeahh she can kinda sing but tbhh, i am a team Minogue all the way but Cheryl should get Sacked because i love Dannii and she shud be the one sitting next tooo Simon as she has more music careerr experiance!

  8. But Dannii can sing!

  9. Rosebud says:

    Shut up Rhydian. Cheryl Cole is my fave judge!

  10. doolahlah says:

    i dont know why you lot are getting excited, this woman is a racist yes i will go back there fist of all she beat up that zimbawean woman she was black ooh bad cheryl the media said, so she had to come back so what does she go and do, marry a footballer who is wait for it…… Black yayy you got it, she done so she she could bring her reputation back bitch. then she did not put gamu through (even though she didnt have visa cheryl wouldnt have put her through anyways) and that tear was a crocidle tear. you heard me. oooohh one more x factor, treyc versus katie oohh sing offf whose gonna go, the bitch did not want to vote and she said that she would have gone deadlock to see what the public would have said you dun lnow that she wanted to treyc to go, yhh i am just vocing my opioion here but i do not like her infact i despite her seriously so i dont care if her album was number one its you whiteys that buy and dowlaod her tune. let me put it in one simple word. racist

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