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Rikki Loney Blames Cheryl Cole for HIS Failures

Rikki Loney Blames Cheryl Cole for HIS Failures

Rikki Loney Blames Cheryl Cole X Factor reject Rikki Loney has spoken out placing the blame firmly on Cheryl Cole, on why he was kicked out of The X Factor on Sunday evening.

The 22-year-old Scottish singer said Cheryl Cole was so terrified of her own solo routine on Sunday that her own acts had to calm her down. Rikki said: “I felt like I was mentoring HER.

He continued: “She was really, really nervous. She kept saying, ‘I can’t believe how nervous I am’ and we kept reassuring her. She said she couldn’t believe that we were telling her it would be OK – like we were being her mentor.

Although Cheryl get the approval of the studio audience and Simon Cowell for her performance on Sunday, other fans have described the performance as hideous. Despite some bad comments, that hasn’t stopped her track heading towards the fastest selling single of the year title, as well as the official top 40 chart show on Sunday.

But Rikki Loney failed to win over the public on the evening he performed a version of Aretha Franklin’s classic, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Last night, Rikki put the blame firmly on his X Factor mentor, Cheryl Cole.

He told TV Biz that he wished he took the advice from Whitney Houston and her producer, who advised him to dump the tricky soul song and sing Whitney’s own hit, My Love is Your Love.

He said: “I should have listened to Whitney. They advised me to change. I’d have liked to, but there just wasn’t any time. It was literally 24 hours before the performance. I couldn’t do it. Too much work had gone on – days had been spent working out the routine. I knew Respect was a massive risk. It didn’t pay off.

Nobody likes a sore looser Rikki, quit blaming Cheryl and understand the reason you didn’t make it for the past three years on The X Factor. You were simply not good enough mate!!

Do you think Cheryl Cole was to blame for Rikki’s demise?


  1. sophie says:

    what an idiot hes not the one who had weeks of people critisising him for a performance he hadnt even done yet! of course she was going to be nervous1

  2. thats soooo true. What a bitch he's just mad coz hes too shit too stay on the x factor. he's been on THREE times. god he should stop blamin Cheryl and fuck off. i did like him and i thought it was shockin that he got kicked off instead of the twins but now i hate him so much. :@

  3. katie x says:

    omgg he i just pafetic n he wud gt a say in the song anyway coozz if he didnt feel ryt singin it he should of sed n asked to change it n she is bound to b nervous she is cumin from judgin ppl to perfrom n to gt judged herself n he i onli sayin this now coz he is crap he wudnt be ayin it if he was still on the how he wudnt go on bwt he ud of chnaged songg

  4. katie x says:

    n wen cheryl sed she cant belive the twins r still here n he has gon i bet she wud be gld coz he wud of jut been 2faced bwt it been lyk oh yer it fyn i will just blame u if i sing crap

  5. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Totally agree with all of your comments.

    Especially Katies. If he was still in the competition, he would be thanking Cheryl for that song, not dissing her. He was never a star, and will never be a star. Shouldnt have even got through to the live finals.

    And clearly, a VERY sore looser.

  6. i totally agree all i can say is it was simon that chose to save rachel, not cheryl, so if anyones partly to blame its him not her. And also its the public that votes, if you dont sing you best, you can blame that on anyone but your self

  7. levans says:

    Silly little boy. No way is Cheryl to blame and she would not be normal if she wasnt nervous. She really cares and he must be some kind of idiot to blame Cheryl, she did her best but he was just not good enough.

  8. Hannah says:

    hahahahaha im sure this isnt true because it seemed cheryl and rickey were quite close but if it is then rickey needs to face the fact that he went out, i dont agree with it but theres no way that it is cheryls fault, she better not blame herself

  9. Get over it Rikki!
    Like all "superstars" of course she was worried about her performance!
    Why should she worry about you , she has made it and cares little for anyone else.
    Her performance – average at best.

  10. alice says:

    i feel sorry for you rikki. i think you're not good enough to go through the next round. cheryl is a good mentor, she tries very hard for her three acts to stand out, so please stop blaming her for your mishap. better luck next time.

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