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Robbie Williams Messes Up Olly Murs' Performance of 'Angels' - Video

Robbie Williams Messes Up Olly Murs’ Performance of ‘Angels’ – Video

Olly & Robbie: Angels on The X Factor The much anticipated X Factor final hit our TV screens this evening, and proved to be a star-studded show, full of tears, great performances, and one Robbie Williams messing up his cue on his own song.

Robbie Williams was to perform with Olly Murs, who would be singing Robbie’s biggest hit, Angels. Olly started off the song perfectly, but when it came to Robbie hitting the stage, he cocked up on a major level.

As he walked down the stage to meet Olly, he missed his cue and for the rest of the performance, he looked nervous and close to tears. Olly was very professional, and moved right along, but he did look rather uncomfortable throughout the rest of the performance.

And before all you Robbie lovers have a go at me, I love Robbie Williams, and have done since the day I saw him in concert. How did Olly Murs do after the Robbie cock-up? Did he deserve his place in tomorrow nights final?

Olly Murs & Robbie Williams: Angels


  1. Elizabeth says:

    i wanted Stacey to get in. :( Stacey is more of a singer. Olly's just a performer. I'm not saying i don't like Olly, but i'm just saying i prefer Stacey. sorryyyy…

    I LUV JOE A LOT BY THE WAY. HE HAS TO WINNN:D:D:D HIS 'DANCE WITH MY FATHER' PERFORMANCE WAS HEAVEN. well. every performance he does is brilliant.

  2. Pauseliveaction says:

    Olly was really professional to just carry on regardless after Robbie messed up his cue. But I was glad that Joe won anyway – there was just no comparison in vocal talent between Joe and the other.

  3. OllyMurs1 says:

    fuck off u 2 haters olly is amazing u fuck off robbie williams

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