Sarah Harding Says Cheryl Cole Solo Success Was Due To “Pot Luck”

cheryl cole sarah harding Apparently, Sarah Harding thinks that her Girls Aloud band member Cheryl Cole successful solo career was down to “pot luck” rather that talent.

Sarah, 31, told OK! magazine that, Cheryl, 29, won’t have so many hit singles if she hasn’t been a judge on The X Factor. She said Cheryl was lucky and being a judge on The X Factor helped her in promoting herself as an individual.

Sarah also said that she wouldn’t mind trying her shot as a judge on a talent show an if it was a singing talent show; she would love to do it.

Cheryl, who is currently in a relationship with US dancer Tre Holloway, 27, announced the split of the Girls Aloud after the end of the “Ten” anniversary reunion tour in the UK last March. Cheryl also said that she will take a six-month break from music and move to Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

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