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See Cheryl Cole In a Dressing Gown and Louboutin Heels at Brit Awards 2010

See Cheryl Cole In a Dressing Gown and Louboutin Heels at Brit Awards 2010

Im told that Cheryl Cole is not making her way up the red carpet at the Brit Awards 2010 tonight, so no pictures of how she looks, but just minutes ago, Cheryl Cole posted the following picture to her record labels twitter account.

In it, you can see Cheryl Cole in a pink and white fluffy dressing gown, and a pair of Louboutin heels, just before she readies herself to head to the stage. Are you looking forward to Cheryl Cole at The Brit Awards tonigiht?

Cheryl Cole in Dressing Gown at 2010 Brit Awards


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Cheryl looks gorgeous, and you cant even see all of her.

  2. katie says:

    Love The Shoes x

  3. sophie says:

    Those shoes are AMAZING!

  4. Cheryl was amazing on the Brits i think that they were having alot of problems with they mics because they made it look like she were miming she also looked really angry and no ring it horrible seeing all the people writing terrible thing like Cheryl should die its appalling have some respect.

  5. kayleigh says:

    She never wears her ring for performances she said in a interview,,and she does not wear it when it clashed with her outfit x x

  6. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Yeah I agree, she defo doesn't wear her ring during performances.

    Could you imagine having something worth £162,000 on your hand and doing a really intensive dance routine? That ring is worth the price of my entire house.

    How the other half live, eh?

  7. christian louboutin says:

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