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Simon Cowell Offers Rage Campaigners Job After Thwarting Joe's Xmas No1 Bid

Simon Cowell Offers Rage Campaigners Job After Thwarting Joe’s Xmas No1 Bid

Yesterday in a post we published announcing Joe McElderry Lost His Chart Battle for Christmas Number One, at the end of the post, we asked what Simon Cowell could do to ensure their X Factor winner bags the number 1 next year. Well it seems just one day after the Rage Against The Machine campaigners won their battle, Simon has the solution. He’s offered them a job.

Simon Cowell said he was gutted after losing the battle for the top of the festive charts, but he was no ‘sore looser’. Despite offering Jon and Tracy Morter – the people who started the campaign – a job, they turned down his offer.

Rage Against The Machine managed to sell just over 500,000 copies of Killing In The Name, while Joe McElderry – The Climb sold 450,000, which wasn’t enough to prevent the Internet campaign becoming a success. Cowell says he was “genuinely impressed” by their campaign which he said had no funding, and had not resorted to dirty tricks.

I offered them a job at my record company. It could be in marketing or even running the company. I wanted them to come and work for us. I was deadly serious, but they haven’t taken me up on my offer,” Cowell told the Daily Mirror. He also said that he now realised he had “taken too much for granted” and accepted that some people do not like The X Factor.

I was gutted for Joe because a number one single meant alot to him, but I have to congratulate Jon and Tracy. I called Jon on Saturday to congratulate the two of them that, win or lose, they turned this into a very exciting race for Christmas number one. I am proud of Joe – he worked really hard this week, but he has a great year ahead of him,” Cowell continued.

And Jon Morter (pictured right) said their victory was “pretty amazing” and “it’s yet to sink in. We just got our heads down and have it a try and we’ve pulled it off and it’s fantastic, brilliant.

I cant help feeling that Simon Cowell offered the job to the pair NOT because of their marketing skills, but instead to get them on side, and to ensure they were not able to pull the same trick on next years X Factor Winner. Anybody agree?


  1. Dom Cruz says:

    if you like static, annoying sound and a band that has no talent except for making noise then buy there album. Jon and Tracy Morter has convinced me that there selfish motives of trying to outsell Joes first cd for the number one spot has taken away the true purpose of the competition. I WILL NEVER BUY A RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE CD NOR WILL I LISTEN TO THAT CRAP THANKS TO THEM! Joe McElderry in the long run will be the REAL WINNER who has a true gift and a presence on stage not seen since Elvis, Michael Jackson and the like. Rage against the machine will be a flash in the pan. Cheryl, if you read this I want to commend you for the way you have taken care of Joe and how you watched over him. It truly reflects who you are as a person inside.

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