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Simon Cowell Tried Persuading Cheryl Cole to save Jedward

Simon Cowell Tried Persuading Cheryl Cole to save Jedward

Simon Cowell Saves Jedward Its no secret to anybody, Simon Cowell is facing huge public backlash over his shock decision to save Jedward on The X Factor on Sunday evening.

And it seems many of you have made your feelings known too. Not only have we received hundreds of emails (literally), but over 3,000 complaints have been sent into ITV after Simon backed Jedward despite repeatedly describing them as hopeless – thus allowing talented Lucie Jones to be booted off the show.

One comment we received recently said: “I am never watching X Factor again. Simon’s noticed the huge publicity John and Edward are getting and therefore kept them in to keep the shows ratings up.” TV watchdog Ofcom is also investigating The X Factor after receiving hundreds of complaints from disgruntled fans, who insist the result was a fix.

Meanwhile insiders at The X Factor say Simon tried to persuade fellow judge Cheryl Cole to save the twins with her vote so he could avoid the embarrassment. Clearly on the night, Cole took no notice of Cowell’s pleas and gave her decision based on the singing performances of both Jedward and Lucie, choosing to save the correct act, Lucie Jones.

The furious grandmother of Lucie Jones yesterday insisted Simon Cowell was desperate to get her off The X Factor because he feared she would beat his own acts: “I think Simon Cowell chickened out. I said all along if it came down to Lucie and anyone else he would get rid of her because he is afraid of her. He is afraid of her voice. He said all along he wanted a male singer to win this year. He is protecting his own acts.

She continued: “I’m going to vote for the twins every week now and I hope everyone else does too.

Many fans were so angry they contacted TV regulators Ofcom who could investigate. ITV played down the row, saying: “Reflecting the huge popularity of a show watched by almost 17million, The X Factor result can divide opinion and provoke comment from viewers.

So did Simon Cowell make the right decision in saving Jedward? Do you believe Cowell tried to persuade Cheryl to save the twins to avoid his own embarrassment? Leave your comment below…


  1. i very much agree with wht lucies grandmother said…. simon is getting rid of all th talented singers coz he knows tht he isnt gonna win with his three…. lucie was an amazing singer nd didnt deserve to go out jedward should hav gone out…. also simon saud frm th begin tht he wonts a male to win th show…. eventhou Joe has a fantastic chance of winning he wonts to win.. so hes kickin all th contesant who r a thret to him off th show whn he has to chnce like last sun….. its rediculous… nd it wouldnt suprise me if simon did try nd get cheryl to vote for th twins.. bt unlike simon Cheryl judged on the singing ability.. simon may hav been doin this for a long time bt Cheryl cn spot talent much better thn he cn nd she's only been in th industry for 7 years.

  2. Rosebud says:

    Well done Cheryl 4 sending Jedward home! I love ya!!! Cuz ur smart and pretty, u and I know that Lucie gave the way way way way way better performance. Cheryl, Dannii and I love Lucie. Stacey should have been in the bottom 2 with Jedward so Lucie could be the last girl in the competition.

    JEDWARD R THE THREATS!!!! I H8 THEM, I H8 THEM, I H8 THEM X1000000000000!!!!!

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