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Tension For Cheryl And Lily At The Brits?

Tension For Cheryl And Lily At The Brits?

We all know about the on-going war between X-factor beauty Cheryl Cole and “chick with a dick” Lily allen. The feud has been going on for moths and months and seems to be never ending.

The nasty comments between the two singers have been flying back and forth through the media. We have all been informed that both Cheryl and Lily are going to be attending the Brit awards which take place in February, obviously there will be a lot of tension between Cheryl and Lily.

After both artists have had a few drinks who knows what will happen, will the fight turn nasty or will peace be made? There’s one thing i do know and that is that Cheryl better not make the mistake she did with the toilet attendant a few years back. 

Cheryl and Lily have both been nominated in the same category Best British Single, this is Cheryls one and only category she has been nominated for whereas Lily is running on two category’s Best Album and Best Female Solo Artist. Lets all hope Cheryl can win for her second year in a row.

Every one have your fingered crossed for Cheryl on the night and lets hope Cheryl and Lily’s paths do not cross.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Even if their paths do cross, i doubt either party would start on the other at an event full of press and photographers.

    The media battle has been tit-for-tat directly through papers and magazines. As far as i know, they have never had any face-to-face battles as of yet, but who knows, lets hope Cheryl Cole Fights, fights, fights, and knocks Lily the fuck out!!!

  2. kayleigh says:

    haha well said andrew, yeah i dont think they will cos that is what the press is looking for, a front page story, well the last time they met was only a couple of weeks ago cheryl said to her nice to meet you and lilly snubbed her, fucking cos as cheryl would say haha x x x

  3. kayleigh says:

    Fucking Cow ***

  4. haha lily allen up for an award no one knows who she is now lol shes faded out… chezza for the win!!! quoted from chezza lily is just a 'chick with a dick' xxx

  5. kayleigh says:

    haha hilarious

  6. Elizabeth says:

    There's something inside of me saying Cheryl's gonna win it… LOL That would be really nice though :) Cheryl going up to thank everyone while Lily just sits there with jealousy =P BAHAHHAHA i would laugh my ass off. Cheryl's gonna win it. Comeon guys cheryl has to get it

  7. katie says:

    haha tha made ma laugh lily allen up for an award she cnt sing she lyk talks n thas it she is a chick with a dick n i rli hope thaa cheryl wins this =] <3

  8. GO CHERYL!!! I would definatley vote for her but I don't know how! Somebody please tell me!!! (BEFORE voting closes would be nice)

    Anyway, Lily's got more chance than Cheryl (unfortunatley) of winning Brit this year because she's nominated for 3! I honestly don't know how or why that happened. I seriously don't.

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