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The REAL Reason Simon Cowell Didnt Boot Jedward off X Factor

The REAL Reason Simon Cowell Didnt Boot Jedward off X Factor

Simon Cowell Saves Jedward Simon Cowell had the power in his hands last night to send the terrible twins home – but when it came down to it, he couldn’t let them go.

In recently weeks, Cowell has described the Jedward as “vile little creatures“, yet those “vile little creatures” are perhaps the biggest X Factor story ever, pulling in millions of pounds of free advertising for the show as they take up more column inches.

When John and Edward Grimes found themselves in the sing-off last night, they were facing a very talented young lady, Lucie Jones. They must have thought their dreams were over, and the majority of the public felt their prayers were answered – the twins were going home.

Their mentor, Louis Walsh, not surprisingly chose to save the act he put into the competition in the first place while Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole opted to send them home. That left the final decision in Simon Cowell’s hands.

When he decided to bottle it, and send the situation to deadlock, everybody was shocked. Lucie Jones bowed her head, as she knew she would be going home. And the public knew it too.

Simon’s controversial decision to take it to deadlock was the talk of everybody last night. Facebook groups setup to boycott the show gained thousands of fans in a matter of minutes. Thousands of tweets were sent out on twitter, all of which were tweets from angry public members directed at Cowell.

Jedward Saved on The X Factor So why did Cowell not stand by his convictions and boot the Jedward off the show? Week on week he has slated them for their lack of talent.

But just sit back and think about it for a minute. WHY is Simon Cowell a multi-millionaire? He knows an opportunity when he sees one and John and Edwad, lets face it, are the headline grabbers the show needs right now. They’re the act which are quite literally dividing the nation. A huge ratings booster.

Given Cowell’s criticism of the twins each and every week, it seems highly hypocritical that he squandered the chance to get rid of them. And surely this says something about what The X Factor has become? It’s not about talent anymore.

Where did it all start going wrong? The X Factor has lost its soul. Simon has sold out his bid to be the richest, most powerful man in the entertainment industry. And last nights verdict proves that.

Lets hope another potential – and deserving – winner isn’t sacrificed on next weeks show to allow the Jedward juggernaut to keep rolling. Or Simon will have some explaining to do.

What do you think of Simon Cowell’s decision guys? Where do you think The X Factor has gone wrong this year? Leave your comment below…


  1. leisha says:

    i agreee with what simon said last night whos gonna win neither but who would i rather see in the competiton john and edward! i know lucie can sing and the twins cant but you know neither of the them would win id much rather see the twins perform there more entertaing

  2. Badestkty says:

    Am I the only one who gets it! Simon is Brilliant! Think about it. Simon Cowell made a strategic move. Who would be more of a threat to his over 25's, Lucie or Jedward? Are you feeling my ah hah moment?

    Thought so……

  3. Simon's screwed this! He isn't Vince McMahon for God's sakes! Her's Simon Cowell…Everybody keeps saying Lucy would'nt have won anyway How do you know?!!…Lucie was brilliant these past few weeks…Totally consistant, in pitch all the time and has been the favourite girl to win! Simon did what he did for two reasons: One is that Lucie was competiton for his acts and two because John & Edward pull in votes! That is irrelevant! Lucy has talent. Jedward don't…Everyone has a right decision and a wrong one and simon made the wrong one!

  4. sophie says:

    i was actually furious at simon last night !

  5. ed in the US says:

    The bottom line is: john and edward did NOT have the lowest number of votes…so they are in….
    I like them ..the show would be BORRRRRING without them..and keeping them in is NOT going to prevent the ultimate winner….hey somebody has to go everyweek its just which week…. so give the boys a break it is NOT their fault they are there…. if you dont like them vote for someone else..and make simon richer ..that his plan anyway… he is using two naive young boys for his profit and they are taking all the flack for it…. I think the critics need to point the finger at the real problem.. which is..the judges put them there in the first place…so lets not blame these two boys it could have been any act the judges wanted to use for this stunt//… i just feel for these two because they are the ones suffering the rath of the critics

  6. ed in the US says:

    PS: The only way to make the show fair is to put REaL judges who have no monetary gain from which contestant wins or stays on the show…until then ..the judging will always be corrupt..do it like th e olympics…throw out the high and low votes with a bigger judge panel if you want the show to be truly fair… do you think thats really goning to happen? lol
    its a TV SHOW not a truwe talent contest so chill out

  7. marina says:

    jedward are taking a place of some one out there very talented and they dunt deserve to be there, i knw they hav been taking a lot of slag from the press bt the truth is they are not good enough.


  8. peter appleton says:

    Simon cowel is a common theif who uses his power to manipulate mind control anyone with his business head.He doesnt care who wins this show who he hurts who he takes money off in the telephone viewing poles.If his act doesnt win he signs them anyway.He plays with peoples feelings and destroys them lets face it everyone thats gone home have been better than those two idiot twins.And how does that make these people feel there fans family.Quiet simply mr cowel saw a market to make his show bigger get the headlines.But he didnot bank on the british public he made his biggest mistake this week.He now has to find a way of getting his viewers back by coming up with something in next weeks show,And trust me he has to hes just cost himself and his so called syco productions lots of viewers that wont watch the show.We are not daft as he thinks in the uk.And hell find out next week.No one cares who stays in now or who wins.Just like mr cowel we dont care.And this could of cost him the show.Mr walsh putting the v up to the audience then telling a viewer thats paid to phone him,its got nothing to do with her.May i remind him to the veiwing public pay his wages on that show.. pete appleton manchester

  9. Barry J W says:

    I hear from both Simon and Louis when it suits them that the Xfactor is a singing contest and the best singer should win. yet when "Jedward" perform Louis says its an entertainment show and slags off singers who have more tallent in thier little finger then anything the twins have got? Where is the entertainment in two Muppets who are unable to sing and unable to dance in sinc?. (Even on the Muppet show they could dance and sing in sinc).The entertainment value is the same as Laurel and Hardy or Morcam and wise, they should have applied to Britains got Tallent NOT the Xfactor.

  10. Barry J W says:

    The only reason the twins have had the votes from the public is due to the fact of the teenage and younger girls fancying them and the Irish voters who are voting for them because of Nationality, which brings up a point that people seem to have forgotten, Louis DROPPED other groups who were better than the twins, why was that? surlely it wasn't because Louis came from the SAME Country! As for Simon, well, I think it was obvious what his motives were. 1. To protect his over 25s. Lucy was a serious threat, so is Joe and Stacy. 2. TV Ratings, with such a controversial dicision Xfactor rating will increase no matter what the hoorah, more people will watch because they want to see the twins booted off. Its Queen week and I hear the twins are going to try to perform Radio Ga Ga! Lord have mercy on us all. After totally destroying a great Queen song two weeks ago, they're up for doing it again! Radio Ga Ga it should be Radio Gag Gag.

  11. Rosebud says:

    Simon. How dare you!!! Lucie has the talent and you could have saved her. I can't wait 'til John and Edward DIE!! I HATE them, I HATE them, I HATE them!!!! I am not joking but I didn't watch it the next week as I had another 2 favourite acts. God. You really embarrassed Lucie in front of the world. My favourite judge is Cheryl Cole and she could have seen a lot more of Lucie. Imagine if Lucie and Cheryl were the LAST TWO female people on Earth! That will show you that the X Factor is a SINGING competition. I was 1 of those 3,000 people who complained by texting when Lucie was voted off and not John and Edward. Plus I voted for her on the day she was voted out.

  12. Rosebud says:

    Sorry. I meant I didn't watch it the next week DESPITE THE FACT I had another 2 favourite acts. I came to watch only them on week 7 and no one else. I was so GLAD when john and Edward got voted off. You should have seen my reaction. I was just absolutely cheering. I was the 5th Judge on the X Factor last year and I had 3 favourite acts. One from Dannii's category (Lucie) and two from Cheryl's category (Lloyd & Joe). John and Edward are CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!! I will never watch the X Factor again if Jedward come back. If I auditioned CHERYL would be my mentor!!!!

  13. Rosebud says:

    I burst in2 tears when Lucie & Lloyd were voted out and I was cheering when Jedward got the boot and was very happy when Joe won!!! Lucie, Lloyd & Joe r my 3 acts! Jedward r like erectile dysfunction going wrong!! I was devastated 4 Lucie and so embarrassed when she was voted out. The only thing that male judges care about is winning. Do we really need male judges? no, no, no!

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