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The Reason Behind Cheryl Cole's Red Hair

The Reason Behind Cheryl Cole’s Red Hair

Cheryl Cole's Red Hair Over the last month, some very high profile celebrities have turned to peroxide to change their locks for the summer. Celeb’s including Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Jamie Winstone, and of course, our very own Cheryl Cole.

Many girls have envied Cheryl Cole’s famous, lush brunette locks for years, but Cheryl stepped out to debut a new look earlier last week. The Girls Aloud signer went from brunette to red overnight.

Cheryl Cole told Elle Magazine: “I’ve always loved red hair and it’s the only colour i haven’t actually been before. I kinda had one of those moments where i really wanted change… I needed a change… I had one of those days where i was like, I wanna do it and i wanna do it now, and i did it the next day. I’m glad i did it, I really like it.

The timing of this image change is very interesting, keeping in mind the  fashion wars between Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue right now, as the pair film the new series of The X Factor, which returns to our screens later this month.

The boot camp rounds are now complete, and the judges are now picking the final three contestants at their homes.

Are you looking forward to the new series of X Factor? Do you like Cheryl Cole’s Red Hair? Share your thoughts in the comments area below…


  1. no1cherylcolefan says:

    i was expecting it to be bright red and was thinking is she mad!!! but i actually love that colour, cheryl knows what shes doing and knows what looks good, how stupid was i to think any different!!

  2. NatalieHulbert says:

    yes i love her hair red, it looks great, i just think cheryl's beautiful anyway no matter how she has her hair, or what she wears. she's gorgeous and a natural beauty.

  3. cherylcole says:

    i totally agree with no1cherylcolefan i thought it was gonna be bright red and was thinking is she mad too, but i love that colour i may make it my next conquest!!
    but the way just to let everone know cheryl is mentoring boys this year!!

  4. I love red hair and its looks great in her xx

  5. yes she looks really nice i think she loves joe andwant to have sex with him

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