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The X Factor Heading To America in 2010 With Cheryl Cole

The X Factor Heading To America in 2010 With Cheryl Cole

For a long time now, there have been rumours going around that Simon Cowell is trying to take The X Factor, and its hugely successful format to America, and industry insiders are whispering that a deal is very near completion.

Industry whispers are suggesting that Cheryl Cole will be one of the main judges on the new US version of The X Factor, which could be ready for broadcast as early as 2010. A source told The Mirror: “Simon is on the brink of signing a deal to take The X Factor to America and, if he gets his way, Cheryl will be it’s main star. He thinks she has amazing presence and her down-to-earth Northern charm will appeal to the American public.

Simon is clearly saying here that Cheryl Cole will be the shows main star. The reason he has made that clear is he’s tied to a 3 year deal with FOX and the American Idol. The £65 million per year contract with American Idol prevents Simon from going to a rival network, such as NBC, which will be the broadcaster which hosts The X Factor US.

Simon Cowell has always been a big champion of Cheryl Cole. The source told The Mirror: “Cheryl won’t get paid anything like the £2.4 million salary shes on here, because obviously she is not as well known in the States. But if it is a success, like most of Simon’s shows are, it could catapult her into the big league.

So what are you thinking people? Will you miss Cheryl Cole if she heads to the US? Rumours are rife she is also getting ready to launch a solo career in America, so are we about to loose the nations sweetheart?


  1. WeLoveChezza<3 says:

    dont get me wrong, i really want cheryl to be successful in america , but please please please dont let us lose her, she doesnt have to MOVE there ….
    please please please cheryl dont go!!!!!!!
    i love you so muchh babess you mean the worlldd to mee xxxx

  2. i really want cheryl to be successful in america, but i will really going to miss her presence in england. i do hope cheryl will stay and live here in the uk. me and my daughter adore her. we will miss you a lot cheryl, so please don't go!!!!!!! things won't be the same without you cheryl. love you lots.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    i want her to be successful in America, i want her to live her dream. but i don't want her to leave, we're gonna loose her:( please please please don't go. everything will go wrong if you're not around. Besides ashley's gonna be staying so dont leave.. Will.I.Am will help you break America you don't have to stay there permanently.

    luv you

  4. Lirva_Engival says:

    she's too soft for the US – if she starts crying in front of the camera over there they'll laugh her off the set….and i don't want that to happen!

  5. chel gener says:

    I think Cheryl’s success around the world would be next if she succeed in US. So I’m wishing her uber success in the US so she can also reach other countries like ours, the Philippines! GO CHERYL! :)

  6. Sunita says:

    Sick of her already, of course she'll go to America she's a money grabbing h**!!!

  7. Catherine Hall says:

    With Simon behind her she can do anything Its all thanks to him she is where she is now, unlike the other girls. She's like Simons little puppy dog…..bless..hahahah : )

  8. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I think it's worth pointing out that Cheryl Cole was worth £10 million pounds before she came into contact with Simon Cowell and got involved with The X Factor, so your implying that she is where she is now because of Simon Cowell, your wrong!!!

    She had the talent, she got into the most successful pop group in English music history, and now she is ingrained in pretty much every media form we are aware of…. all of this is NOT down to her being Simon's puppy dog!!

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