Tre Holloway’s engagement proposal to Cheryl Cole snubbed by her mother

Apparently, Tre Holloway, Cheryl Cole’s dancer beau has to think again about his Christmas gift to Cheryl after it’s been reported that US dancer was told by Cheryl’s mother not to propose to her.

According to sources, Tre, 27, planned to go on his knee and propose to the “Under The Sun” hit singer, but Joan Callaghan, had put a stop sign on it.

Cheryl, 29, a Girls Aloud member has been previously married to English footballer, Ashley Cole but they got divorced in 2011 after his infidelities with multiple women was revealed.

The Sun quoted a source as saying, “Tre called her and said he wanted to propose to Cheryl when they are in America with his parents. He wanted to do it on Christmas Day, but Joan refused to give her blessing.”

The source continued, “She’s warming to Tre but there’s no way she’s going to let another man take Cheryl down the aisle so quickly. Tre’s got his work cut out if he thinks he can get around Joan so soon.”

“Tre, like scores of men, wants to marry Cheryl,” the source added. “But there is a lot of work to do to convince Joan he’s not in this for money or fame.”

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